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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Thanks DaBeebs, Sigmar and KB. Oh, I really wish I had some ultra tiny alphabet blocks. I think I am leaving the malifaux one as is because I need to paint up the other three and want to do an actual diorama. Since they look like dancers I want to get them all on a wood floor to look like a stage. That is also why I wasn't overly worried about how the Crayola Clay would work. still not 100% sure if I want to leave the spider base as is or cover it up. I think I might leave it for now and see what kind of base I can make using what is there as I want to try to enter them in the local competition in 2 weeks. Now the task of seeing if I can build a better base in that amount of time.... I also might try to finish the plague marines I started a while ago to enter.

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    Okay, so as I tend to bounce from project to project...here is what I have started on for part of Zarbags crew:
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    Not sure if I just want it to look like rock (most likely as I want to take it to the local comp next Saturday) or if I want to try to get adventurous and try to make it look like some lava, in which case I would say there will be no chance I get this done before next Saturday.

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    I like the spider lady and this Zarbags crew base looks really promising, hope You will make it in time

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    Thanks Arkan. I am slowly progressing in this hobby. First time using the material I used for this base, (Black Lava from Liquitex) Wasn't expecting it to dry a darker color
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    Yeah so far so good, I love a big scenic base like yours. Looking forward to seeing more

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    Thanks Sig and Lone. The wood base was from a local chain hobby store in the US (hobby lobby) but they are by a company called "WoodPile Fun" which I guess is just a Hobby Lobby store brand. You should be able to find the equivalent in a craft/hobby store in Europe or maybe on Amazon.
    I picked them up because it was only $3.00 for four of them. They are a little rough on the short side edges (I should have sanded it down before building on it) but I was anxious to play around with the basing

    I think I am going to try to add some lava effect today if I have the right paints to do it, which I think I do.

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    What’s the consistency like on the liquitex?

    I’d say do some rock & earth, as the mushrooms might not do to well in a lava pit!

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    Toad, it kind of firms up when it dries, but it is still flexible so you could mush it down if you press too hard on it (not sure if it will spring back into place, but may try a small sample later to see what it does). It also dries a lot darker and it looks like there is some mica in it as it has become a bit shiney. The instructions (what there are) don't say how long it takes to dry, but it has been about 24 hours so I am guessing it is fully set. The label also says to be careful, do it lightly, about putting a varnish on it as it could cloud up so I will probably skip that part for now. Also, it is kind of gummy putting it on, sticks instantly to the wood, that's why you see some spot near the top of the plinth that kind of stick out. It doesn't really want to come off the wood totally, but it was easy enough to wipe the plastic paint spatula clean. it also is fairly easy to move around to get peaks and dips in it.

    As for the colors, I was just going to paint a thin bit of lava down the middle of the black to make it look like cooling lava and the cork is going to become rock to match the bases (so grey and what ever other colors I decide to use for glazes/washes)
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    Right, so here is where i am at, just waiting for the primer to dry on the "rocks"
    You can see the Black Lava material became significantly darker and glittery/shiney. It is actually fairly heavy with mica flakes or whatever the material is
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    In hindsight, had I known I was going to try this (lava base) I would have given them a bit of red reflection and probably changed the colors of the shrooms on Zarbag
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    minor update, tried the lava....not completely happy with it (I think it is missing something) but alright for a first attempt.
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    I think I have finished up the lava to the best of my ability so here are a couple more shots. I need to do the rocks and the rims of the mini bases and that should be it. I guess put a name on it as well....hmmm what to call it
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    Eki, I think this might be one of your best projects yet. The lava rocks have a great texture and the goblins fit on there nicely already. I can't wait to see the final results Keep plugging away at this one and you'll have something to be really proud of when you're done!

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    Kuribo, it is at least the first project I have actually completed (all the way through building a proper base) at least, but yeah, I am proud of it already for getting this much done.

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    Nice job on the lava Eki. It turned out greatly.
    just curious: Why just for three minis? Was this defined by the competition?
    As the gang is counting 9...
    So if three is the limit I‘d suggest to take the boss and two more detailed
    out of those nine. Or did I oversee a special reason behind it?

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    Hey Graishak, Thanks. As far as I know there are no specific rules about how many can make up a diorama (actually it is 5 or less figures is in small dio category and more than 5 is in large dio category)
    It was only three because those are the three that I have actually fully completed from the box. The others are at least started, but I would not get them done in time for next weekend. Also, with what I was trying out on the base, I didn't want to try to jam too many figures on it as part of it was just an exercise in base building. I want to try to build a base for the one I finished a long time ago (the male with the long coat and paintbrush, I think it is one page 1 or 2 of this thread) and am thinking a grass base and build a tiny easel and piece of art board and start a rough freehand on it to make it look like he is outdoors painting, but will see if I get the time this week to do that.

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    Right, pretty much finished with this (just need to touch up the paint on the plinth and I think I am going to change the base ring on Zarbag to grey. I do have one question for those more experienced with this, what is the best way to secure the minis to the dio? I would like to be able to remove them without too much damage if possible at some point, so would some elmer's (PVA) glue work, super glue or would blue tac be enough to secure them or should I cut out the top of the cork a little and glue it around the rim into the cork?
    Anyway, here is the pic to show what I have now:
    Name:  20190414_205212.jpg
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    Minor Update for Saint Toads question, the Black Lava compound sets well, but it does remain pliable so you could bend it around something and it should hold up pretty good.
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    Nice base. I will have to look into the Liquitex black lava.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    Hey Graishak, Thanks. As far as I know there are no specific rules about how many can make up a diorama (actually it is 5 or less figures is in small dio category and more than 5 is in large dio category)
    It was only three because those are the three that I have actually fully completed from the box. The others are at least started, but I would not get them done in time for next weekend.
    Now I understand :-) So those three will be the "showcase". I'd suggest to do in this case some details on the three. Currently the base is "overruling" your minis.
    Good luck for the competition. The base is, for sure, an eyecatcher!

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    Thank you for the input Graishak. I think I am leaving it like it is for now though as this was mostly a test and a few first for me: first base I did all by scratch (not using a textured roller or anything), first time trying to paint lava, and first time putting it all together. I am not worried about winning or anything, I really just want to go to the show to see what it is all about. Glad to hear you like the base, although I am sure there is quite a bit I could do better with it.

    Krule/Toad, just a minor clarification on the Black Lava. I mis-spoke saying it is pliable, it probably is if say you did a longer strand you let dry, as it is on my base it holds up, but if you press on it is kind of spongy feeling almost like a firmer marshmallow feel and it does go back to shape (at least if you don't press too hard). Pretty much all the texture you see in it though is just me using a small painters knife to gloop it on the plinth and some gentle nudges here and there, but most just seems to be the way it dries gives it that textured quality. It is actually pretty cool stuff and if/when I do another lava base will definitely be using that material again. Although it would probably work pretty well to make a bombed out crater as well if you built it up some walls and primed it to look like soil
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