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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    they look brighter then the face, so I would either darken them a touch or lighten the face. probably lighting the face would be the better option.
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    Thanks Coyote! Yeah, I think you nailed it on the head there. I think I will tone the shoulders down a bit and leave a smaller highlighted area as I kind of have been leaning that way with the figure in general

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    That model is looking excellent ekipage, i understand what you are saying about the shoulders, maybe you could create a little bit more clothing matieral to cover it a little bit, like maybe a purple strip going over the top parts of them might blend it in more, but either way the model as a whole is looking excellent, really love that staff.

    Edit - Never mind i dont know what im saying, i think COYOTE is correct, just tone it down.
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    It is all good Clouds! All critiques/comments are welcome here and worth consideration.

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    Toning down the shoulder should work in my opinion. It could be done with some purple tones that head have. It will bring them together nicely and blend them to the dress a bit. I would also sudgest to make some thin edge highlights with off white colour to the yellow/gold bits to make it really great and shiny nmm gold. That can also change the way shopulders are recieved.

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    Thanks Arkaan! I like the idea of adding the spots on the shoulders. Okay I did actually add some off-white to the gold bits, but maybe either ran the hight light the wrong way or just not enough then. Well for first time really trying to do NMM I am okay with it but will have to look at this some more as maybe I just need a brighter off-white to make it pop some more then

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    I'd too tone down the shoulders to match more with the head (have a similar feeling for the leg too as it's brighter than the head)

    But to make the head/shoulder pop more from the cowl I'd glaze the bottom part of the cowl to be much darker making it separate from the head/shoulder while at the same time focusing on them more.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Thanks for the input MAXXxxx. So played with it a little and do think it looks better toned down some, tried adding some rough spots on the shoulders and legs (to match the head somewhat) but not sold on them yet, not sure if I want to just paint over them or refine them at this point. And darkened up the lower part of the cowl with some dark grey from SC75 with some Payne's Grey ink and glaze medium
    Name:  20200205_200217.jpg
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Size:  79.3 KBName:  20200205_200343.jpg
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    I also played with the gem on the staff (but still have some work to do)
    Name:  20200205_200427.jpg
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Size:  38.5 KBName:  20200205_200457.jpg
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    Now to figure out what I want to do with the gems on the blade
    Name:  20200205_200629.jpg
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    Definitly you have fixed the issue you had, if i didn't know u were working on making that less aparent i wouldn't even notice the shoulders really now.

    Great work.

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    I think the spots on the head look really good. I’d maybe tone the ones on the leg down as you suggest. They look good but a glaze of flesh over them will push them into the background a little so the focus is on the head first.

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    Nice progression on this model. Looking great!

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    Thanks Clouds, yeah, I will be adding a high light back in, just a bit smaller and maybe not as bright

    Great advice Bullfrog and think I will do that. I mostly put them there to see if I liked the addition and think I want to keep them so yeah, definitely will glaze over with some of the skin color to tone them down there and I want them smaller anyway

    Thanks Dexter!
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    Okay back to a previous one that I never finished the basing for

    Name:  20200209_202941.jpg
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Size:  100.8 KBName:  20200209_203005.jpg
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    Still not done as I am not sure if I want to just make it like a desert rock wall behind her or try to make it look more like a building or something like that. So most likely the plinth will get work up a little and the sand added to that as well
    (and I still need to paint the rim of the base) and yeah, she is on an overly large base, but the one that came with it I was having an issue cutting out the slot (really should have removed the tab before painting her) and the only one I could find that fit the tab right was this larger one...
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    Excellent paint job, top tier painting skills.

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    That sand looks really tiny grained, what did You used for it?

    Also, with the gold trim I would add this kind of lines to make it more shiny:
    Name:  x20200205_200217.jpg
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    boldy lady is lookging fab. the dots really help bring things together. that said they are little too dark on her legs. maybe some glazes over the top to tone down are in order.
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    Thanks Cloud!

    Arkan, the sand is AK Interactive's: Terrains Desert Sand. And thanks you for the sketching over my figure. Yeah that does make the gold bit look better. Will see what I can do to try to match some of that

    Thanks CB! I actually am trying to do that right now, although not getting the effect I am happy with so have been playing with it a bit. Here's where she stands right now actually
    Name:  20200210_182443.jpg
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Size:  57.4 KB I thought I covered them up too much so tried to bring the spots back a little and think I did too much. Will probably try to glaze over or worst case paint over that spot and try again.

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    The model looks wonderful Eki!! Definitely leveling up bro. Keep at it! Also I think Arkaan gave perfect advice for the gold

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    Thanks Sik! Still a bit of work to get the one leg where I want it and probably see if I can get the Gold nmm done up right but happy with the figure overall

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    She is looking great ekipage! I agree with Arkaan too: your gold blend is really smooth and contrasty, definitely no problems there, but that glint will make it pop off the charts.

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