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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    I like the purple, not 100% sold on the green. I think it just seems to bright for me. I do realize after seeing the photo that I need to touch up the edges of the "hair" bits on the right side around her face.
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    Think lining the hair/necklace parts make it look a little better than the above photo. Still not quite sure I like the purple, but it is what it is. A few odds and ends to clean up and then tackle the white lines with some flou paints (I think) and then a varnish and I am calling her done. Hopefully will be finished by tomorrow/Monday at the latest.
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    And now for some fluo paints. Not sure if the orange is working since it kind of blends in with the skin in some parts, but I don't really like the yellow. Might have to rethink this now.
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    Really like the purple and green. the flouros, not so much. Perhaps go back into them with more white, built up to pure white in the centers of the lines.. So that the flouros are more of a tint. My two cents. You are doing a fantastic job with this bust.

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    Thanks for the feed back FT. I was kind of trying for that effect, just didn't carry it out to well in the execution . I tried to resolve it after watching some vids on using the Fluos, but think I need to go back and fill in the lines with a dark color first and then build up the lighter colors to white and then the fluo. Side note, Rakarth Flesh over Orange Fluo actually makes a pretty cool color and I was almost half-tempted to just do that, but I really want the fluo effect (just hope I can work it correctly).

    *Here is the Rakarth Flesh over the orange fluo (gives it a kind of peachy tone)
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    The eyes are intense, and loving the shimmering silky shawl.

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    Thanks maxwin! I was really happy with the eyes and so much more room to play around than on 28mm scale figures. I think the shimmer is because I haven't hit it with a matte varnish yet so the glazes have left it shiny. Debating if I want to matte it down or leave it. I may do a satin varnish instead.

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    So I went ahead and said the heck with it, gonna do what I am gonna do. So a photo under normal light and one with a black light on it as well
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    The next nova you need to bring this but you need to figure out a way that it changes from a regular lighting setup and then every so many seconds-(3-5) it shows it under the black light - if that’s done I myself would give it a golden medallion.

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    Thank you Graishak!

    BAM, not sure, I will have to think long and hard before entering at NOVA again. Could probably do the black light using some sort of timer or something. May have to look into it

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    So I have finished up with the majority of the figure, just some fine details to hammer out to add to it.
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    Two things I noticed, I wish that purple UV paint (on her right arm) wasn't UV, I love the color of it! And I need to take all my pictures using a black light as the blends look super smooth in the cloth

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    A really nice job on a tough bust mate. I bet the cracks where a real challenge but they have come out looking great. My favourite bit though is the weave on the material, awesome

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    Thanks Darth. Wish I could take credit for the weave, but it was already on the bust. I just painstakingly highlighted just about every one so it would show better.

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    eki, this is phenomenal! Under the normal light this bust looks simply stunning. I think you nailed the cloth, the skin, the gems and especially the eyes - they are beautifully done.
    And under the blacklight the transformation is unreal. I love it, congratulations!

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    I really like the bust!! The eyes are spectacular and i like what you did with the cloth!!

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    Thank you Gorb, Dexter and metalasmedium for the kind comments.
    @metal, I almost get a sense of your pain painting all the dots on your figures, highlighting all the texture on the cloth was exhausting and I was seeing cross-eyed trying to find all the pattern shifts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    Thanks Darth. Wish I could take credit for the weave, but it was already on the bust. I just painstakingly highlighted just about every one so it would show better.
    Yeah but you still went in there and picked it out. In someways painted that texture is harder than freehanding it as you have to do every single one, there’s no hiding

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    Wow man that is super awesome!!! The neon stuff is incredible.. the material looks fantastic and the eyes look great too! Impressive :-)

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