Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something
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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Default Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

    Well, since this is my first WIP post, I figured I would lead in with the following: I haven't painted in over ten years, but finally got up the lark to do it again. I have probably painted about six figures since I started, but haven't really gotten to the detailed basing part yet. Also, I was just trying to get painting down again, and since there are quite a few "new" techniques I have been reading or watching videos about, I didn't really focus on cleaning the miniatures as I wanted to get the painting practice in first so I already know about potential mold lines that will appear in these first few figures I end up posting. I am choosing to post this miniature first (about the third one I painted to almost completion) as it is the first that I was painting skin tones and I am really not happy with that, I think I over-worked it and then didn't get enough shading, but I am not completely sure where I jacked up the process... Anyway, comments and critiques are much appreciated. Also, not sure if this size is going to show up in a decent size, so fingers crossed

    Name:  Female Agent.jpg
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    Very cool work in this anti zombie!!! Gun toting - flight attendant etc etc anyways great job and congrats on your first post- good gunption-!!!

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    Solid comeback. The outfit and shoes in particular. Nice blending. The skin just needs a bit more life or warmth in it. Will be happy to see more from you.
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."


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    That is my current nemesis, I have found out that I am rubbish at skin so far. I think I need to watch some tutorials/videos for painting skin

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    Nice introduction and welcome to the wip nuthouse.

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    I do have a question, although I think this face might be beyond my current skill level to repair (unless I strip it and start over) does anyone have suggestions on how to go about female faces? I know that for male faces it is a yellow glaze/red glaze/blue glaze from top to bottom, but with female features being typically fairer, is there a different way of going about it?

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    Less contrast for the ladies. Very light glazes or wet into wet or 2 brush blending... welcome to hell. I have bunch of pretty ladies who are still bare plastic for a reason!
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."


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    Some additional figures I am somewhere in the process of painting, although for right now I really consider them tests to see what I can accomplish, so they might not have edge highlights or blending, or any of a myriad of other techniques that I don't have yet. But hey, if I don't practice (and probably jack up a few on the way) I won't progress much.

    Name:  Celestial Lion 3.jpg
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Size:  86.7 KBName:  Nurgle  Guard 1.jpg
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Size:  73.6 KBOh, and I realized that I am not that great at taking photos, need to dig into the manual settings again

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    That’s the spirit! Fail! Fail frequently. It’s the only way to learn and grow!
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."


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    okay, then on with my next fail....glued this together and totally forgot about the arm and staff...dohhh! Figured I would paint it up any way, maybe put something on the base so you can't see the arm anyway. But here is the latest one I am working on C&C always welcome
    Name:  elf witch 2.jpg
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Size:  97.8 KBName:  Elf Witch 3.jpg
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    You can’t just leave the arm off lol you should be able to slip it in there somehow ??? As far as the painting, nice smooth coats so far and the start of a nice blend on the blue

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    I might be able to jury rig something for the arm, but I should have glued it on before the hair piece on that side (I should have taken a pic of the right arm/staff piece). The hair curls up pretty heavy on that side so it doesn't leave room to properly mount arm (with the staff attached)...hmm, maybe I could cut the staff in two parts and work it that way

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    Messed a bit with the back of the clothName:  Witch Elf rear.jpg
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    And here is a little better view of the front, also went with a pale skin color which I think I am going to mix in a purple or blueish tone toName:  Witch Elf  front.jpg
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    and maybe post up smaller photos so they don't look so crappy (the figures I mean)

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    Took a little bit of a break, but just recently finished this one: Name:  20180607_203418[1].jpg
Views: 1389
Size:  82.7 KBName:  20180607_203458[1].jpg
Views: 1379
Size:  77.3 KB I am mostly happy with it, except I see where I need to put a matte varnish on it as some spots (especially the coat back got a little glossy)

    And just started with this Akhelian King, but not sure if this is the color scheme I want to go with or what to put in the middle of the red and turquoise: Name:  20180607_203618[1].jpg
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    The painter dude looks cool Eki, nice work. That akhelion king model is quite nice, I'd maybe use purple in the transition to stop the blend looking grey where the red and blue meet (someone else was doing this and mentioned something similar, can't remember who, sorry)

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    So went with some small shift just to give it a little bit of extra color. I think I am happy with it since I am really just trying to get it to a basic TT quality as I learn this stuff again and a lot of it for the first time.
    Name:  20180609_173943[1].jpg
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    The sea horse thing is looking great, nice blending... can’t wait to see it all highlighted and blended together.

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    Thanks, unfortunately don't get a lot of time to paint and I am a slow painter to boot. Just trying to get a little better at it though

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    Managed to get in a little glazing on the scales part, but not sure if I am happy with it (I think I went a little too yellow on the back half)
    Name:  20180610_210516[1].jpg
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    Got a little more work done on this

    Name:  20180616_175425[1].jpg
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Size:  117.1 KBName:  20180616_175501[1].jpg
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