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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Allright Enjoy the spirit of the competition.
    I’m confident you will gather motivation for the next.
    And for sure you will find some inspiration provided by
    the competitors. Have fun, that’s what the hobby is

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    Go git em !!! You got this .great job.

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    Thanks for the encouragement, but honestly I am not really expecting anything from this. It is an experiment in seeing if I actually like entering the competitions and I want to see what some of the vendors have at this show.

    That is the one thing I don't like about NOVA it is pretty much just geared towards gaming so they don't get any of the companies that produce more for just the painting/collecting side of the hobby or the paints, tools, etc. Especially considering some of the people they get to present classes you would think they would try to get some of those companies in to sell stuff to the people painting (besides GW). But.... they also don't have a lot of vendor room either

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    So, I was going to try to make a base and bring the dude with a paint brush in his hands (can't find the picture now, but he is post number 14 on the first page if you care to look), but I kind of f'ed up the clay base I was making and realized that I didn't put it on a large enough plinth. I wanted to create a landscape with a small stream, but there isn't enough room for that and the tiny easel and painting I am building so i am going to scrap that one for the upcoming show as I won't have enough time to let everything set up and get it painted now.
    Might take the female thief I did a while back though, but not sure if I should try to make a base or just put the figure on a plinth as the base already was cobblestone textured and painted

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    ​Good luck & have fun!

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    Thanks Toad. So Here is a pick of the models I went with:
    Name:  20190420_175452.jpg
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    I placed with two of them...
    Name:  20190420_175702.jpg
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    And here I thought Zarbag and the base were so much better than the two lovely ladies. I was totally stunned when they called me for first with the malifaux lady (blue one) as I thought there were some better ones (even if they were 54mm or bigger) in that category. It is really funny as those two were the smallest figures in their respective categories. All in all I am really happy that they placed and it was a good time attending. There were some amazing military and what not models on display there and as soon as I can get them uploaded I will (if the pictures turned out that is)
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    Stellar haul! Congratulations! I concur the judges' awards!

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    Congratulations Eki!

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    Congrats, that's great news

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    Nice one Eki! I like the base + Zarbags too, maybe that's just not the judges' thing. But the Malifaux lady does look awesome, so you deserve it.

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    thanks everyone and Happy Easter to all who celebrate it. I almost didn't submit the Malifaux figure as she broke off the base (wood part) when I was getting her out of the box at the entry table. Trying to match that pin up with the foot without my magnifiers or even reading glasses was challenging to say the least. I think that was why I was really floored when they announced 1st for that one as it almost was left out. The diorama group was really difficult so not surprised that Zarbag didn't win after getting there. Here was just one of the other diorama's that I thought was just really good
    Name:  20190420_113106.jpg
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    This is a test to see if my DSL pics are a little better. I haven't done anything to it other than what coreldraw did when I opened it (which is I think it slightly increased the brightness and maybe sharpened, I really need to learn this stuff). Anyway, let me know if I messed it up big time because I want to try to get these as close to what I see as possible. I think one of the issues is I need another light for my photo set-up though (one from overhead) and probably some filter (whatever it is called) to screen the light.
    Name:  IMG_0057 -2.jpg
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    Okay, this doesn't look right to me. The green is much richer in real life, it is like it was washed out in the DSL photo. I think I am going to have to study up on this so I can get it right. Can someone point me in a good tutorial or some helpful tips for working with a Raw file format to get these pics looking correct?
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    I couldn't be happier that you won some medals, Eki! You have a great attitude towards painting and your skills continue to grow with each update on here! As far as your picture goes, I don't have a lot of specific advice but when I first started painting minis, I thought Photoshopping images could only help them but I find that if you take a good quality picture (and do the work upfront), it always looks better and you end up with a higher quality image than if you try to edit it and "clean it up". I don't know if this is helpful at all but it is food for thought if nothing else. I look forward to more updates and keep experimenting with those photos and I'm confident you'll figure it out!

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    Hey eki, you should be able to bump the saturation on the RAW file without getting too much noise.
    Are you using photoshop?
    You could give darktable a try https://www.darktable.org/
    It has great support for non-destructive editing

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    Thanks Kuribo and any photo suggestions are a help as I haven't used a DSLR or even camera film for quite a while and even then I usually just selected the "automatic" setting.

    Gorb, I have Corel PaintShopPro, but did just pick-up Adobe Lightroom and I have an older version of Photoshop, but it is not installed on this computer. I know that in Corel when I open the RAW image it shows me two images side by side and they look ever so slightly different so I am assuming there is some minor manipulation being done by the software before I even open it. At most I was looking to reduce noise and if it is possible improve the lighting. If you look at the smaller picture of the assassin in green and compare it to the larger one you can see that the greens are deeper or richer. The smaller ones were done with my cell phone with no post processing, but the RAW one seems washed out to me and I even had better lighting in the room (even though I don't have a light box set-up). I will check out darktable and see what it is about, thanks for the tip

    minor edit, I don't think it is actually doing anything as I just realized that the selection defaults to "as taken" when you open the Raw image in Corel Paint Shop. So I guess most of my issue is with correct lighting right now.
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    You are right, the greens (and even the stand) look significantly different (washed-out) when comparing the smaller cellphone images with the larger DSLR image.
    I'd suggest making sure the white balance is correct (daylight, it looks like), then playing with exposure, then playing with saturation.

    I hope this helps; I am not a photographer either, and I share the frustration with the photo of my miniature not capturing what I see with my eyes

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    Okay, this is a test to see if the photo came out a little better. After opening RAW file I changed setting to daylight (from "As Shot") and bumped up the saturation a little (from zero to 10, I think it goes up to 100 or so) in corel photoshop pro. So old photo vs new one with some minor adjustments:
    Name:  IMG_0057 -2.jpg
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Size:  91.2 KBName:  IMG_0063 -1.jpg
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    Alright, this looks closer to what I am looking at in person. I guess the question I would have from a community picture standpoint is what is considered to be acceptable corrections to a picture so that it isn't considered being faked because of post production adjustments?
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    I guess the question I would have from a community picture standpoint is what is considered to be acceptable corrections to a picture so that it isn't considered being faked because of post production adjustments?
    Hmmm hard to tell. Since I'm a total noob concerning photography/photo software, I can't really tell what even is possible^^

    But I guess as long as you don't actually repaint your mini with photoshop it's not really fake. When you bump the saturation I guess you correct lightning issues but it still shows your paint job. A professional photographer would probably have better lightning in the beginning and probably a better camera and knows how to use it. So his photos would be better in the first place even before editing.
    I use editing to correct setup/equipment and (probably mainly) user issues^^

    In the end you want to show what you painted. So you want to "eliminate" natural shadows and highlights to show the painted ones like you see them under your painting light. So jap, right picture is waaaaay better then the left one.

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    Congratulations on the medals mate, very much deserved... and this latest figure looks really cool.. which figure is this?

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