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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Got a little bit done on Zarbag, but it is getting late and I am off to watch some tv before bed. Happy painting all!

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    Looking good so far, looking forward to seeing more. I wish all you guys would stop posting pics of Zarbag, my resistance is fading fast ha.
    I agree with the others too btw, photos often make you feel you've done a worse job than you actually have. Especially when you take a quick pic with your phone in not ideal lighting. It can be frustrating. But don't worry, posting anything is better than nothing, you'll improve gradually too.

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    Zarbag! Keep him coming mate, the paintalong flows well!

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    Nice smooth start on zarbag...

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    Yessir great start EKi!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigmar3 View Post
    Looking good so far, looking forward to seeing more. I wish all you guys would stop posting pics of Zarbag, my resistance is fading fast ha.
    Sorry Sigmar, but he is awfully small so shouldn't take as long to paint...
    And yeah I know the photos are unforgiving (especially just the quick shots with my phone) but it seems to be one of those nagging things for me where I am painting and happy with it, take a pic and then am like "ahh is it really that messed up and what do I do to fix it?" The hardest part is not going back to try to "fix" it, by which I mean I will completely overwork the area and screw it up! I am going to chalk it up to being relatively new to taking pics of work in progress and just trust my eyes (although my reading vision is shot so I need magnifiers to see all of this stuff) with how it looks.

    Thanks Fox, CC and BAM. Although it may start to turn to rubbish soon as I plan on trying to do the rest of his skin just using glazing as I really need the practice and then probably a final highlight. Might be a bit ambitious on something this small though

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    and slowly but surely it is getting done
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    Nice start off for Zarbag - looking forward to see this coming.

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    Thanks Graishak.

    I think it is funny I have painted most of this black and yet there are still different spots in the black that are noticeable (especially that left side there under the arm). I see them with just my plain eyes and can't for the life of me figure out what is causing that as I have put about 3 or 4 coats of black on and you would think that that would not show at this point! Oh well, driving on regardless.. just some minor update
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    I wish more minis had eyes as big as the ones on this tiny guy! You could get fairly competent with them as large as they are it makes it so much easier.
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    Haven't really touched the cloak again, but started getting some base colors on the other bits

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    Now I just wish I knew how to paint NMM, but I am just not ready to take that leap quite yet

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    Great work. Nmm is the next step, don't be afraid to try it. But there's nothing wrong with using true metals either! You mention the black robes seem different shades...which imo is actually a good thing. Makes it interesting. I painted a load of night goblins when I was younger and they all actually had dark blue robes. Bit ambitious but they stood out as different.

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    Thanks Sigmar. The problem is I haven't really read up on it or watched many videos so I know at this point I would just muck it up if I tried it based off of what I see on others and since I am still relatively new at this I don't feel that my brush control is good enough for some of the small parts and such. And truth be told, I am still a bit crap at keeping my light direction going the same across the whole figure. I will maintain the focus to do it on parts but then realize I haven't done the same with others.

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    Mate, same here to all those things haha. But yeah, watch some YouTube videos first to get a general idea. It's satisfying when it starts to click though

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    Keeping a single light source isn't so important for gaming minis, it works well for making interesting display pieces but for gaming it tends to be more either a halo of light or 4 light points in an X shape so you can get highlights evenly placed around the mini so it looks good from all angles (since when gaming it will be seen from all sides and likely assumed to be a battle during daylight)

    If you do decide to read up on nmm try not to do it or you'll end up like me and overthinking it lol, I've read way too much about it bhbthe best way seems to be get a basic knowledge of the theory and jump in to practice

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    @Sicks, but I don't game Actually it is just more for fun and seeing what level I can eventually get to down the road. But I know what you mean, I definitely have a tendency to over-think things if I don't watch myself. Anyway, some minor updates to the little guy before I run out to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends:

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    Happy Thanksgiving to all of those on here who celebrate it!

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    When you want to try NMM the first time I can give you a tip: COPY ! ^^

    There are some more people painting that exact same goblin and I think I saw at least one NMM version.
    In the beginning it can be a bit overwhelming but in the end you only have to hit two sweetspots to get the effect:
    1. Most important: A lot of CONTRAST on small distances
    2. Still important but some mistakes are hard to see sometimes: Get your extreme highlights on the right spots.

    When you copy you don't have to care about the positioning of highlights and shadows. Just do em at the same spots.
    You can then concentrate completely on the contrast.

    Even if you are not that good at blending as an beginner, you can still achieve the effect. Super smooth blends certainly look cool but aren't that essential.

    There are some general "rules" how different metal objects reflect light depending on the shape. You have to think about it a bit at the beginning but you will get a feeling for it. The same rules apply to TMM as well. To get a really nice TMM you do nearly exactly the same like someone who does NMM. The main difference is that you use a bright silver color instead of white for your highlights ^^. But you still have to think where to put that and then shade down drasticly into very dark shadows very fast.
    The advantage is however that the metal paint is reflective itself so it will always look like metal -> since it is metal flake pigment ^^ So even a base layer with metal paint looks like metal since it's creating its own highlights by reflecting the light.

    Another tip from own experience: Don't become discouraged should it fail! I had a really hard time learning it and it took me countless trys until I first kinda got it. http://www.coolminiornot.com/249602 This was the first time it worked for me. But I tested a lot on bits and other miniatures. I would guess the gobbo was test-subject number 10 or even more^^ The mini you chose is great since it's only one metal part. Although it is a lot, really a lot harder then the spear tip on the one I painted 8 years ago xD
    Therefore copy others to get the correct spots for your lights.

    Was just looking around but couldn' find my old experiments

    But to round it up: stay on it even if it fails the first time. Don't want to be an ass but it might even fail until the 5th, 9th ... time. It is not easy and needs a lot of practice. But you will see progress. And there're a lot of great painters here who can help you with tips and feedbacks

    Sorry for the wall of text ^^


    1. Don't be discouraged should it fail at the beginning.
    2. Contrast! If you think ("Hell ... that's a lot of contrast! -> It's probably not enough ^^ xD )
    3. If you're uncertain where to put highlights and shadows -> copy others ^^
    4. Practice makes perfect
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    +my 5 cents:

    I started painting a regiment of gobbos with NMM, too.

    Simple rules: choose one (preferably front and back) side, paint top dark, bottom bright. Sides should be painted in an opposing manner, top bright, bottom dark.

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    I think the thing that makes me not want to do it is all the blending I would have to do, I am still kind of crap at trying to get the multitude of blending gradients to make it look smooth (now I could be mistaking this for another technique) as I tend to not want to bother right now, and I am a bit lazy about trying to add that many steps. But I will watch a video or two to make sure and then give it a try. Probably not on this gobbo, but on one of the others that was in the box.

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    Well, I honed my blending skills on 40+ goblins and 20+ dwarves, aka Battle for Skull Pass, so it definitely needed a lot of time..

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    Uhm, this is my first ever Goblin so even if I try it (and I am thinking I might try on the cauldron) that is way off of your numbers

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