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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    More Zarbags! awesome..great start will be keeping tabs on this!

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    @Hairster, not exactly Zarbags, but the other gits in the box. Anyway, not much done this past holiday weekend, but here is where Zarbag stands so far

    Name:  20181126_091834.jpg
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Size:  137.9 KBName:  20181126_091901.jpg
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    Zarbag looking good. I particularly like those purple lips with the pronounced striations.
    I hope Zarbag's not planning to eat all those mushrooms tonight.

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    Thanks Saint! or do you prefer Toad? Anyway, yeah I actually was trying to glaze the lips to reduce the striation, but gave up after about 6 or so coats and by that time I was actually liking the look more so am leaving it. Personally I think I had diluted my glaze too much so that it didn't really do anything.

    Anyway, slowly but surely getting this fella painted. Not much, but here is the latest
    Name:  20181126_221832.jpg
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    Still need to work the wood handle and scythe bit and the pot. Then I have the extra bits that I haven't even touched yet (shrooms around the base and his other hand)

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    Any update Zarbag?
    You guys should open a Zarbag WIP thread and bring all of these together.
    In sum I saw 4 or 5 of those in progress... one better than the other.
    Yelling for a competition. Master BaM could steer this ;-)

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    Graishak, don't know if anyone really thought to create it as a new thread for Zarbag, although BAM did co-opt one of the others for a post of his at one point.
    As for me, not really an update on Zarbag at the moment as I put him aside while I started up some others. Most were the rest from the Zarbag's Gitz box:
    Name:  20181205_171815.jpg
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Size:  125.8 KBName:  20181205_171822.jpg
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    and then I started up the other superhero mini from Reaper to go along with the other one I have painted (probably a page or three back):
    Name:  20181204_184811.jpg
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Size:  202.5 KBName:  20181204_184834.jpg
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    All of these just have the primer coat and a quick base colors at the moment to see if that's how I want to do them up.

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    Okay, in my never-ending quest to ensure that I don't completely finish one project....I just started up on this guy
    Name:  20181208_174910.jpg
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    I am going to try to do some simple freehand on this one though. I am thinking stripes for one leg, squares for the other and probably diamonds on the top shirt. The idea is to make him as gaudy as all get out while trying out some new things. And I didn't want to just use the plain colors like in the movie (for you young ones it is "Everything you wanted to know about sex - but were afraid to ask")
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    Yessss morefreehand!!! But just a little.

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    Can’t wait! He’ll look ridiculous.

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    Ah I see you have the same quest as me... to have an absolute magnitude of unfinished minis nice work happening with your latest projects. I like the look of that jester guy, really cool sculpt.

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    @BAM, no not a little

    @Toad, thanks that is what I am trying for.
    @Chaotic, yes, yes I unfortunately do

    So, here is an update on the Jester. Just started roughing in the diamond pattern on the one leg and trying to figure out if I like the stripes on the shirt before I do the whole thing.
    Name:  20181212_181213.jpg
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Size:  82.1 KBName:  20181212_181345.jpg
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    Looking good, Eki! This guy looks like a blast to paint and those bright and crazy color combinations with some freehand will let you break loose and do some interesting work here. I look forward to more updates!

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    Thanks Kuribo. Here is a minor update (didn't feel much like painting for a few days after injections in the back). I wasn't going for any insane freehand as I am not a great artist anyway (I can't draw for crap)
    Name:  20181216_185200.jpg
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Size:  80.2 KBName:  20181216_185229.jpg
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    I am fairly happy with the diamond pattern, just need to darken the lines up and get them a little more even. The stripes on the right leg I am not happy about (fortunately they are a pretty light grey) as I didn't have the paint the right consistency so I got some bleeding and spots. But here is where he stands right now.

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    I totally hear you regarding free-hand exercises. I can only recommend to you "keep going". I need to force myself as well to tackle that "pain area", but it is well invested time.
    Trust me :-)

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    Zarbag’s bloated eye is looking great. Looks very jaundiced too as if he’s been hitting the night gobbo booze a little too much. Want to see him finished but I understand as I suffer from the next shiny thing syndrome too.

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    Nice work ekipage, you've got a lot going on haven't you ha. Good start

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    You have more patience than I do! Looking good, Eki! I love the little smiley face on the yellow leg, .

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    Thanks all! I probably didn't pick the best mini to do a bunch of stripes and diamonds, these aren't the greatest minis, so there are a lot of uneven areas especially on the legs (although it doesn't really show) and I realized that was probably catching my brush as well as not having the proper viscosity in the paint. I definitely won't quit trying freehand, but might try to find better figures to try it out on though. I probably should have just done the jesters shirt and whatever that thing on his shoulder is called and not so much the pants.

    If his butt would have been showing I was going to paint it there.

    @Bullfrog, no I will get him done, I just need to finish up the rest of the bits and the base and the lower robes area and I will be as done with him as I will get. Going to try to finish Zarbag up this weekend.

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    Lol you got it!!!!zarbags here we go.. but not without first saying great frickan job on such plentiful and tiny freehand bud. You’ve outdone us all with that little space having so much fun going on. Love the happy face on the jester.

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