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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    You’re gonna love em. And I love that bust can’t wait to see what you do w the real one

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    Very nice experiment with inks. Loving the fact, that you’ve chosen purple scheme.
    On what does this remind me? Hummm ...

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    Great model-scale 75 no!!!?

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    Thanks Sik - honestly it was a small issue that I can fix but when I contacted them they said they would send a replacement (so how could I say no to that!)
    THanks Graishak (not sure what it reminds you of though)
    BAM, yes, believe it was an exclusive one on the KS I backed so won't be on sale except for maybe at events they attend if they have any left

    Oh and getting ready to finally paint one of the (yes freaking small) Infinity figures, just washed it and need to clean up the flash and mold lines but will get a pick up as soon as I prime it. This should be interesting going from 1/12th scale to 28mm scale and not f'ing it all up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    THanks Graishak (not sure what it reminds you of though)
    That was related to your purple comment on my Skeletor project couple of weeks ago

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    How in gods name do you paint these tiny models. I couldn’t if I wanted too. I’ve bought some malifaux a while awhile ago- after painting them I realized I sucked at them.your actually good at painting them.stay with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graishak View Post
    That was related to your purple comment on my Skeletor project couple of weeks ago
    Wow, that one went right over my head at the time! Yes, I guess it is inspired by your Skeletor project

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    How in gods name do you paint these tiny models. I couldn’t if I wanted too. I’ve bought some malifaux a while awhile ago- after painting them I realized I sucked at them.your actually good at painting them.stay with them.
    Is that a polite way to say I suck at painting busts and to just leave them alone? Kidding, but I figured I need to at least try to see if I like painting them or not, but here is a snap of the projects (still haven't primed the Infinity figure) together and dang that infinity figure looks small:
    Name:  20190906_172630.jpg
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    And a little better shot of just the bust:
    Name:  20190906_171632 (1).jpg
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    I think part of it is the challenge and the concentration I need to paint them. Helps me focus and forget about some of my back/neck pain and for whatever reason I find them a tad more interesting than most of the GW stuff so I will work at them more. Too bad the NOVA judges didn't share your opinion of the smaller figures...

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    Lol no matey I mean paint everything Im just pointing out that you have an affinity for the small and tiny. I don’t use a opticisor is that what you use to the little guys. If so let me know which kind. Tell me everything all your secrets of painting the small ones. I want to try one but I’m a bit frightened that I can’t see them.

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    I know, just messing with you. And thank you that means a lot as I your work is amazing and wish I could do some of what you do so well.

    Basically I have to use magnifiers as my reading focus is giving out on me and I can't see any of the detail on the small models, heck can't see the GW figures which are fairly larger than the Malifaux or Infinity ones and even some of the bust I am working on is hard for me to see, but I can use my reading glasses for that since it is a touch larger. I use both of these (https://www.amazon.com/Beileshi-Magn...gateway&sr=8-5) or an Doengan Optivisor (https://www.amazon.com/Donegan-OptiV...s%2C124&sr=8-4)

    I prefer the Optivisor (the glass magnifying lenses are a bit better than the plastic ones in that first link), but sometimes don't like the enclosed view from it so will switch to the other ones, especially for classes and such. It took a bit of practice though because of the magnified view and working with the figure and having to keep it at the right depth for the magnifiers to work. But I didn't have much choice as even my reading glasses strength doesn't let me see the small detail on a lot of these. I guess another option would be getting a pair of reading glasses that are twice (or more) my prescription.

    But yes, for all of their frustrations, I do seem to like the smaller true scale figures. I think part of it is that there is a much more varied selection of those out there whereas everything heroic scale seems to lean towards Space Marines or close approximations of them. Part of it is also the challenge and since I had wanted to work on brush control I figured go small and force myself to learn it otherwise I would just half-ass attempt to do it on larger scale figures.

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    started the Infinity figure: Skin has a little work done to it but the red is just started
    Name:  20190907_183013.jpg
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    Those eyes were a royal PITA!

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    And some more work on the red and skin:
    Name:  20190907_200207.jpg
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Size:  77.4 KBName:  20190907_200403.jpg
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    Sorry to hear about the lack of accolades at Nova, Eki. Any chance you'll post some final pictures of what you entered for those of us who weren't there? I'm glad you were discouraged by the results as well. You've improved a lot since starting on CMON and will continue to do so. I'm looking forward to seeing you tackle that Infinity mini. As someone who also paints small minis, I appreciate the level of detail in them and that lady should give you a chance to push your skills further. The bust is already off to a good start as well

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    Thanks Kuribo. Yeah, I will try to get some better photos taken of the stuff and get it put up today. And I thought that some of my stuff would have been at least worthy of a finalist pin, but oh well.
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    Playing with the highlights on the red (not sure if I liked the pinkish color or this more peachy color yet though)
    Name:  20190908_150327.jpg
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    some further refinements to the skin and red parts (but I did see where I really need to fix a small spot of skin under the left eye in the photo)
    Name:  20190908_175950.jpg
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    Here you go Kuribo, all the figures in one pic. Yeah, broke part of the base on the one in the back right (after picking it up from the contest) so will have to redo that one since I will take them to the one show next April
    Name:  20190908_200547.jpg
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    Looking good bud... keep it up! If you decide it looks too pink glaze it with a diluted yellow and you can bring it closer to orange, and saturate it it a bit more. I’ve always been a fan of highlighting reds with the orange/yellow spectrum but I’m kinda digging the desaturates pinkish color

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    Thanks Sik. Hope you are enjoying your nature walks! Yeah, I thought about going orange to begin with, but wanted to try the pinkish first to see if I liked it and after putting on the Scale 75 orkish dermis (which is kind of an orangey/pink) I think I am sticking with this. Will probably lighten it up with some scholar flesh from Reaper for the hight-lighted areas in that color. And then just use a mix of the orkish dermis and mid-red tone to glaze over it to see if that brings it together a bit better. It looks a bit better on the figure when it isn't blown up about 4 times its size like in the pics above.

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