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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    The female superhero looks very nice. Just recognized, that you've still 0 pics on your gallery. Maybe that lady will be the first? ;-)
    And for sure I'm insisting to see your Zarbag's gang, once completed.

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    Thanks BAM and ST. Here are the two ladies side by side (hope to actually build a diorama for them but undecided what I want it to look like at the moment). The lady in Red is done as far as I am concerned and still have a bit more to do on the Grey one (mostly trying to get some of the blends finished and play with the shadows and hightlights a little more). Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic though.
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    Thanks Graishak! Yeah, I really need to put a figure up in the gallery, don't I...

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    Nice work. I really like the hair on the grey one.

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    Thanks KB! It is actually kind of funny though quite a few seem to like the Reddish hair, yet I am actually happier with the other one. I think it has to do with the poor quality of the photos as that hair actually has quite a few different colors it has blues, pinks, white and purples in it but it just doesn't seem to show with my cell phone camera. I really need to get a light box set up and get a better camera out!

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    Okay, seeking some opinions/help here. I am totally at a loss as to what to paint the base of the Spider lady. It looks like it is supposed to be dirt or mud or maybe spider egg sacks and dirt, but I am not really sure how to tackle it (or at least what paints might get me the desired effect)? Anyone have a suggestion? Here is a close-up to show you what I mean
    Name:  20190326_205909.jpg
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    I‘d suggest to do dark brown and green colour on the
    base + adding some spiders web elements to it (e.g. some fathoms)
    Could provide the impression, that the lady is walking on
    a web.

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    It isn’t very detailed, so you can do a bunch of things. Maybe paiint the lower flatter surface as normal terain (dirt, grass, asphalt, conrete, rock, etc.) then paint the mounds like web egg sack. I am thinking gray with black wash, then bring the highlights back up with the gray and lighter and lighter shades of gray. Then paint the spiders to reflect the characters red and black scheme.

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    Yeah, that was part of the problem it doesn't really have great definition on the base. I tried looking for images of it, but only found two and the one they had cut from the base (so it was no help) and the other looks like they just did it as mud. Anyway, as I squandered time trying to figure out how to paint the base on that one, I finished up two more of Zarbags Gits (or at least to my level of ok-ness) I might have to add some highlights to the bows though now that I look at them in the picturres. Tried to get a embers type of look with the fire in the one figure, not completely sold on it myself, but still happy with it as my first go at it and winging it to boot.
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    Fire looks pretty decent to me Eki, also i like the flights on the arrows, nice way to add a bit of colour. Nice work

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    Thanks Sig and KB! Although I still think the fire is missing a little black on the logs to simulate that char effect better.

    Okay, stoopid question time...Who has experience with Milliput? I ask because I have never used it and just picked up a pack of Standard. I want to try finally fixing some of the gaps on minis I do, but do you need to do anything while working it? Specifically, do you need to use water on your hands, oils, etc so it doesn't stick?

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    Thanks for the recommendation on those minis! I took a look at them today and some other Reaper minis and it was cool to see their take on superheroes. The two ladies in spandex look great next to each other and I look forward to seeing what you do with them and their base. Those gobbos are looking great as well. I haven't used milliput myself but I think you can use a bit of water to keep it sculptable. Depending on the size of the gaps on the minis, you may want something a little finer/more delicate but I trust that you already know that Keep the updates coming as it is always cool to see what you're working on!

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    Thanks Kuribo. Cool glad you liked some of the Reaper stuff. Actually the milliput was for a bust I bought and haven't gotten around to yet, but I dry fitted it and it has some larger gaps that I think the milliput will work on. I have played around with greenstuff and I bought some (but haven't used the Vallejo plastic putty).

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    Some very cool work that is always going on when I pay a boat to your thread EKI!!! The ase of the spider girl. Hmmm. Well everyone gave you the ideas for the base picking out the spiders and debes sacks etc. If I may introduce another alternative - what I would attempt is a bit simpler but what I feel will not allow guesswork from the viewer trying to ID these very poorly sculpted base detail. I wold start with ...let’s see... some technical textured paint from GW or MIG or AK interactive -some mud -Lil stirland mud.and ide paint and sparkle it on the spiders and the sack thingies until the poor details of the arachnids are filled in and at that point look just like textured , earth etc. You then paint it up add some plastic girders from plasticard etc etc. Your done viola.

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    Milliput works great with water. If you’ve ever worked with clay, it behaves very similarly. It makes my skin burn a little (watch where you put your hands after!) but I love the stuff. You can get a very smooth finish.
    Also, if you don’t have any, silicone clay shapers are a great tool for Milliput & other putties. Just be sure to clean it off before it sets.

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    Toad/BAMM, thanks for the input and helpful ideas. Pics are with my phone so are not the greatest quality (you have been warned) Okay, so up first is the base of the superhero as I currently have it
    Name:  20190407_153603.jpg
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Size:  117.7 KBName:  20190407_153613.jpg
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Size:  84.8 KBName:  20190407_153702.jpg
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Size:  107.5 KB But, I think I like BAMMs idea about covering them up so may give that a go.

    Second, I finally made a base (albeit a verrrrry simple one) for that little Malifaux figure I painted up a while ago:
    Name:  20190408_173356.jpg
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Size:  159.4 KB and with her attached: Name:  20190408_180610.jpg
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Size:  151.7 KB I don't know how well the base will actually hold up though as it is some Crayola (yeah the crayon maker) air dry clay and it is kind of brittle so I made the base a little bigger than it needed to be becuase I was afraid to try to break off too much as it was already crumbling a little and the reason why I glued it to some cork. But the Green Stuff roller did work really well with it. Wood was just done quickly with Scale 75 Inkensity colors (chestnut and wood). But I am kind of happy about the all around result. Now to play with some milliput and super sculpy

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    Exciting stuff going on here. I really like the adventurous spirit of grabbing some crayola sculpting dough, and making such a nice looking base. What do you have planned to add to it; I see miniature letter blocks, a jack-in the box, and a stuffed teddy bear chilling out on the floor?

    Keep it coming!

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    You're on the right track here mate, it looks great

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    Cool and I think you have done a great job with the spidery base.

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