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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Tally fine piece here EK!!! I def can imagine how wicked this dragon shrimp will be once flesh and more importantly it’s face are dine!!!

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    Thanks for the comments all. I just hope to get a little better and if I can pick up some stuff from you all I would consider that a great step forward in my painting. Not the fastest painter that's for sure and seeing how I move in a week this will probably get shelved for a little bit until I get settled in at the new place. Anyhoo, started to rough in parts of the face and added a little highlighting on the spine fin
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    Sorry for the pics being a bit dark, don't have a proper light source right now and camera is packed up so relying on just the cell phone and natural lighting. And after seeing the pics, I realized that I completely left off a piece of this figure that I didn't mean to. Looks like I will be adding the chest armor piece here shortly (how in the heck did I not even notice I left that piece completely off???)
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    Question if anyone sees this - I know you can remove the paint by soaking in Simple Green, but will that break the glue bond? Not doing it on the current figure, but curious about some others I have that I need to strip

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    I’ve never used simple green so can’t help there sorry...
    the seahorse thing? Guy is looking great, I love the shift in colours across the body, looking good!!!

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    Thanks for the comments CC and BAM. Sorry about the crappy lighting as I tried to jury rig some extra lights with what I have remaining at home since most stuff is packed up for move. Really need to get a better light set up, but that is going to have to wait until I get moved. Anyway here is a little bit of work I got done on the head fin and a little work on the face. I am actually stuck at where I want to go with the belly now. I was going to do it in a greenish skin color, but I am thinking maybe a pale white or greyish color so that the top half really stands out. I will probably hold off on that until I figure out which way I want to go and the fact that I move houses on Tuesday will mean that I won't have much time to get painting in for the next week or so...

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    Been awhile since I posted anything, the Seahorse thingy is still in a box somewhere (moving is a pain) and haven't touched it since the above pics. I did work on this one but forgot to do any progress pics, so this is mostly complete except for basing. Although looking at the pics, I think I need to do something with the skin of the arms as it looks a little too uniform and I think the hair needs something, not sure if darker base or lighter highlighting...
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    *and totally didn't realize that when I resized them they were going to do that step down
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    and here is a new one started while I figure out how I want to base the female assassin. Just got a quick light coat on her dress/robe and playing with the face. I think I will keep the eyes like this, not sure if I want to go pale bluish skin or normal type though
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    She’s beutiful and not just from the posterior. great face with these bloody eyes!!!

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    Thanks for the comment. Some minor work done, litttle shading and what not. Not really sure if I like the hood color looking at the pic. And really looking at this photo, I need to do something different with the skin. I have painted the face a pale color, but I can't distinguish it from the primer here

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    Decided to re-work the hood and put down some base skin
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    Nice smooth painting on the skin Eki. Keep it up

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    Thanks Fox.

    Hey all, looking for some critiques of this figure. Specifically about the skin - this is only the 3rd or 4th female figure I have done (and I think the first ones weren't great because of the skin) and I am just not sure if I have done enough or if there is some more I could do to bring it out. I am pretty pleased with it so far but not quite sure if it is lacking something (either a highlight or a little more shadow). CC's would be greatly appreciated with this (and yes I know it is all about personal taste to a point) and I don't mind if you knock it if you think it is not very good. I am pretty new to this anyway and am trying to figure out if this looks alright to others as it does to me, at least at this point in my capabilities

    ** Sorry for the dark light, my work lamp needed recharged and it looks as if I need to retake these pics when that is done

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    added some more color (light might be a little better for this pic)...

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    I think you're of to a very good start with the skin. The blending and volumes are nice.

    Next I would try to glaze some very light suggestions of color onto certain areas. I'd probably start with some red on knees, elbows, and knuckles. Then maybe some olive, blue, or purple into the darkest recesses (armpits, buttcrack, etc.).
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    What Toad said. I certainly don’t know much about painting female skin, but from what I’ve seen before you want to keep the contrast fairly light, otherwise she’ll end up looking like an Olympic weightlifter. Glazing different tones onto the body may be the best bet.

    Looking great so far though!

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    Thanks Toad and Fox - and that was what I think I was partially afraid of, my attempts at glazing haven't been very successful to this point. I think I got them down a little better now that I started using some flow-improver in the mix, but when I tried to do it before with plain water I either didn't get it thin enough or ended up breaking it and getting water marks/pooling. But, I will give it a go and see what happens.

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    I agree about those glazes -with the water you use try filtered water it has less hostile compounds in it. It may help - I usually use a mix of flow aid and water(filtered) under the chest ,armpits, buttocks line, in the crutch towards the apron type thingie all these would get the darkest. Ide try red/blues with the dominant colors being the blue purple in these areas, she is afterall undead. Start extremely thin and make sure to unload the brush and (to properly unload just quickly and lightly touch your napkin or scott towel, if you press your brush una way that anything other than gently you’ll have nothing on it to glaze and wonder why it’s leaving brushstrokes and roughness.) ide use the more pinkish/redhue as toad says on the knees , elbows, knuckles , but again very subtle , female skin is all about subtlety. The paintwork looks great at the moment bud. Maybe a level up piece.

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    Thanks all, greatly appreciate the advice and helpful tips. I messed around with it a little last night and it does look better (sorry photo is kinda blurry and will have to redo)

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    You are definately off to a good start. It looks like you are developing some texture to the purple now. You could probably push the edge highlights even higher on the clothing.


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    Thank you Krule. I've fiddled about with the cloak bit but haven't really done a final highlight on it yet. I started messing about with the flesh and am trying to get that done first now. This is where I am currently at

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    I think I am close to calling it done on the skin but I am not sure if I want to doe something else with the face or not (other than actually complete it). Then I will get back to the clothing and other bits

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