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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Little status update:
    Got the Star Blazers ship put together and primed, but I think I am going to go back over and try to fill the gaps with the plastic putty (did it on some and I really need the practice working with it)!
    Name:  20190718_214439.jpg
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    Also a little update on the female wizard I am painting, mostly just worked on the skirt and the fire in her hand
    Name:  20190716_212847.jpg
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    Yup, I haven't built any kits for a looooong time but on vehicles there are almost always gaps that need filling. Good practice, like you say.
    The wizard is looking nice!

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    Thanks Gorb. yeah there were a few gaps and I am having a few issues working with the Vallejo putty. They make it look so much easier on the "how to" video. It seems either I wash too much away or let it sit too long and then it won't wash away. Not sure how long to wait to scrape it because after about 30 min to hour or so it is still too soft so it pulls apart. Grrrrr!

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    yep, with pastic putty it's not really shown that:

    1. you can put on too much, sand it back after it's set completely, then recarve the panel lines and resculpt the details lost in sanding. (this is what quite a few do)
    2. put on little, still have a gap because it shrank while drying, so apply it again a few times like that. Hopefully you have the patience for it.

    but japanese kit rarely have large gaps, so normally it's not that bad.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    MAXXxxxx, I kind of figured it would harden a little more, but without a definitive time before then I just wasn't sure how to work it. But thanks for the tips on working the plastic putty.
    Yeah the gaps weren't large, but just wanted the practice of using the putty

    But I think I need to learn the second point you made... a little more patience with it
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    nah, forget the 2nd variant. It takes too long almost to the point of madness.
    I tried on a few models, but doing the gap filling 5-6 times is no fun at all. And even with the faster drying time it takes forever.
    It's good if you paint like 1 or maybe 2 models a year and have a week or 2 just for this.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Here are some minor updates since I didn't get much painting done this week.

    Kind of gave up trying to putty the gaps on the space ship although I may go back and do them later. Decided to get some paint on it so just have the base and some alternate colors so far
    Name:  20190723_201944.jpg
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    As for the "one-armed" magician, minor update on playing with the fire and tried some small freehand on the outer coat thing
    Name:  20190724_211026.jpg
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    So I decided at the last minute to take the Zarbag dio that I had done a while ago and enter it into the Open category at Everchosen (yeah, no chance of going on for the Everchosen sword, but just wanted to see how I would do). I am quite pleased to say I took home first at the local store (although I have to admit that there were only three entries in the open category) Still I am totally good with just getting the certificate.
    Name:  20190727_142847.jpg
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    and of course like an idiot I completely forget to take pictures of the other entries...
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    Nice work mate and congratulations. Got to be happy with that.

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    Congrats- very nice to achieve.

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    Congrats Eki! Your diorama looks great and I'm glad to see you win some recognition for it. Your skills keep improving and I have a feeling this will not be the last award you win

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    Thanks all! In hind sight, I probably should have just popped Zarbag off of this (he is just stuck down with some blue-tac) to see what would have happened, but no regrets. I just really need to get cracking on the bases for three pieces I want to enter at NOVA, since I am dragging my feet and only have about a month to go...

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    And a little good news, I didn't throw the arm away (for the sorceress)! Stupid thing was sitting on a holder right in front of me the whole time and I didn't see the damn thing I am blaming it on the Nurgle SM hiding it from me in plain view (I just don't want to believe I need to go to optometrist!)

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    Haha, lost in the Warp!

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    Wish I could say lost in the warp....more like lost two feet in front of me (it that u-shaped piece of metal in the yellow circle)
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    Probably not much figure painting will be getting done here now, as I try to focus on the 3 or 4 bases I would like to make for entry at NOVA. Figures are already done, but I haven't done a whole lot of basing so this should get interesting
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    Lol....this made my day and I am glad you found it.

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    Something we’ve all went through .

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    Thanks for letting me know it isn't just old age and crappy eyesight! Well, since the pin I originally put in the shoulder won't come out (didn't have pliers small enough to get the little piece sticking out) I will just file down the socket on the arm piece and see if I can get it to glue (and probably won't use the gorilla brand super glue anymore) and see if I can get it glued on the third try.

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    Okay, so been playing with making bases this weekend. Wanted to see what some turf and such would look like on that water base I made a few weeks ago
    Name:  20190804_213007 (1).jpg
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    Not bad, but probably could do with some other colors for the brown and tan. Also would probably benefit from some static grass. One issue is I didn't thin the glue down enough and the spray bottle I had didn't put it in a fine mist so it kind of was a little too heavy on the turf to seal it.

    This is the second base and is for the lady with the crop I finished up not too long ago
    Name:  20190804_212954.jpg
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    I wanted it to go along with the previous one I did (the poofy dress one) several months ago.

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    Okay so mostly just been working on basing some minis that I had previously finished so I could get them to NOVA in a two weeks. So far I have this one basically finished, even though it is rather a plain base imo:
    Name:  20190817_181920.jpg
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    Still working on this one, but getting pretty close to being done:
    Name:  20190817_181801.jpg
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    Then I just have to finish the one for the two super-hero figures (picture coming soon) I did up a couple months back and I will have everything I want to take done
    Sorry for the crap pics, but the lighting was going bad and just used the flash on my phone cause I was lazy like that...

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