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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    I like this new mini, the eyes have so much character!

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    Thanks Dexter, they look a bit weird to me at this point as I still need to put on eyebrows

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    Ahhhh nowthis is a classic Eks model!!!! Seems the smaller they are the more precision gets executed!!! Like the face and eyes !!!! Nice focus.

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    Thanks BAM, mucho appreciado!

    Not much of an update (back seized up so didn't trust trying to paint too much), but trying to figure out if I like the boots in brown and the pants the same blue so just a base coat of those. I think I like the boots, but want a different color for the pants part
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    Nice blending on the green parts eki, this model is looking good! I like the boots too.

    Take it easy and rest up, your back is kinda important

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    Thanks Gorb, although the boots are just Vallejo Flat Dark Earth at the moment and I had to redo a spot on her left leg (in the photo) as I noticed the small burr a little under that green thing on her leg (you can see it in the above pics.

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    Not much work done today, but got a little bit added to her (hair base, some shading, started the weapon and a little more refinement on some of the hightlights):
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    I like your funky color scheme. I like what that particular shade of green is bringing to the table.

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    Nice start on your newest project. Liking the colour combination. Red - blue - green; kind of wild, but fitting together nicely.

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    Thanks SaintToad and Graishak. Yeah it works because I am kind of going off of the tetrad for colors (blue-red/green-orange) but shifted the orange to an orange-brown so it isn't far off from complementing colors. I think that is why it looks weird but works... at least that's the theory I am going with Although I have been sitting here today (not painting) but looking at the coat, flap, whatever that piece of clothing is on the back and trying to decide if I want to keep it that way or switch the red and green around on it

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    This is looking great eki! Nice and vibrant colors, and very smoothly painted.
    You continue to amaze with the scale you are working at, keep going!

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    Thanks Gorb! Yeah, something about these smaller "true scale" figures is much more pleasing to me and I find them more fun to paint for some reason (maybe because I am not buying a box of 10 figures that are all roughly the same so I don't feel any pressure about the way I paint a single figure vs a group. Eh, whatever the reason I am just going to go with it

    So a minor update on the current figure, messed with the coat/wrap thing and re-did the very bottom and inside part in the green vice the red. Also really wanted to try out the GW contrast paint and since I had a bottle figured the gun would be a nice little test-bed. I painted it originally in VGC Wolf Grey and then used GW's Basilicanum Grey. It looks passable, but I will probably go over it to make it look better, anyway, here's the pics:
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    I’m loving it man. Keep pushing! Did you take a break on that bust?

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    Thanks Sik and kind of, but mostly because my back has been bothering me so limits painting time and just focused on this one for now. Bust is still on the table right next to it though
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    Just a little painting tonight (highlighting the green and working on the red highlight on the waist clothing bit)
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    Some updates (took a little break this week) but go to some work done on the boots (still rough) and hair - sorry for the blurry photos!
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