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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Okay, tried to get a little more tonal variation in the cloak bit and the green parts.

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    and my slow progress continues... toyed around with a glow effect for the first time, but I don't think I did it quite right (at least for the glow on the clothes)
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    The glow looks ok on the sword, but doesn't come across as glow on the cloth....however the blue you added to the purple in an attempt at glow really looks nice.

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    Love this fig - who makes it? Your face is awesome. (edit) Erhhh...her face is awesome. I'm sure your face is nice to...

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    @blacksmith, it is Necromancer Eldessa from Reaper Mini's (catalogue #02986)

    @Krule or anyone better than me for that matter (which is most of you), is it that I don't enough "glow", too dark, too light? Never tried glow effect before and didn't really bother to look it up (guess I should if I want to try to fix this before I totally mess it up). But on that topic, I did try to adjust it since those pics but not sure how it looks so here goes the latest to this one:
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    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post

    @Krule or anyone better than me for that matter (which is most of you), is it that I don't enough "glow", too dark, too light? Never tried glow effect before and didn't really bother to look it up (guess I should if I want to try to fix this before I totally mess it up). But on that topic, I did try to adjust it since those pics but not sure how it looks so here goes the latest to this one:
    Good question. i am definately an amateur at OSL. I suggest going to Bailey's wip. About half way through he is working on his superp hobbit in the dark woods which is a master class on top knotch osl. Here is an article about it and I am sure others can give you better advice. http://www.coolminiornot.com/articles/1328-osl

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    Thanks Krule, I will have to check both of those out before messing about with that part for now then

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    Blending from blue to purple looks very good on the cloak.
    You should do maybe something comparable with green to yellow on the front?

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    I think I am gonna call this one done, otherwise I am going to keep messing about with it for a very long time. I need to make a base for it, but as for the figure itself...done! I realized after painting it that there are mold lines I missed and whatnot, but I was actually happy with how the painting went so didn't want to strip and redo after cleaning it up better. I will just have to keep a better eye on initial cleaning from now on. Also, considering it was my first time trying OSL, I am happy with it, but I know it needs a lot of work...especially after seeing some of the outstanding work from others on here

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    Graishak, after looking at it I see your point. I probably should have went a little darker on the green (especially near the top/towards that sides) where it would be in more shadow. The purple actually wound up as a happy accident as I was just messing about with a new paint I got from Secret Weapons (purple heat) and it just kind of worked well over the Reaper (burgandy wine) as a glaze(ish) effect to brighten it up which helped when I put the blue on

    I have to give thanks to the classes I took at NOVA Open this year (Venturella's, Shoshie's and Banshee's classes) as I finally helped me figure out a few things to actually get the painting done correctly. Still need to work at it, but considering this was the first time I did OSL, proper glazes, female skin that is a lot better than what I have done in the past I am very happy with it....and damnit now I see I forgot to paint that little freakin stone piece at the bottom back...okay, one more quick session of painting and this will be done!
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    Others may disagree with my advice but I think there is nothing wrong with keeping projects moving when you're early on in your painting career. Personally, I like a quick painting projects because I love to make good progress in a single painting session too. Also, you need to paint lots and lots of things, experiment along the way, to truly get good.

    With that said, I like a lot of what you've done on this mini and you were really ambitious in your painting techniques here too. You might consider trying some higher quality mini sculpts down the road as I find Reaper to not always have the best details/sculpts but that is only based on a couple of their minis I've seen and one I tried to paint so take my opinion with a grain of salt!

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    Thank you Kuribo, although I don't know if the "quick" is the proper word for my case as I can be rather slow since I seem to deliberate what I want to do while painting vice having a set "completed ideal" in my head. I need to work on that part as well to speed things up a little, that and having more than an hour or two on any given day to work doesn't help either, but I at least try to get some painting in each day.

    I actually already purchased some other "better" figures, but didn't want to ruin them with my current abilities so those sit in a box waiting. I will probably pull at least one out and see what I can do to it at this stage though.

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    @Kuribo: Valid point, sometimes it is better to reset the mind and to go for the next. While moving to the next mini you can see your skill development from mini to mini you're painting.

    @ekipage: It is good to have a guinea pig to try techniques prior to do a "big project". But looking at the mini you've done I'm confident that you're ready for the next level - go ahead

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    Thank you all, I really appreciate the feedback it helps tremendously!
    okay, so I was going to try my hand at a 54mm figure but there were some missing parts/incorrect parts so waiting for a new one to come in. In the mean time I think I might pick up on the fish guy I was working on previously on here as it is in limbo from when I moved.

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    I should clarify too as I realized that you might be painting for enjoyment/display instead of for gaming purposes. If you're painting for gaming like Graishak and I, speed is a good thing (or at least desired) and you get better by painting lots of minis. Taking your time painting for display or when trying to produce the highest quality results is important and recommended if that is your goal. However, if you're ever getting stuck on something, check Youtube for tips and come here and somebody will probably be able to help! I'm glad to hear you have some "better" minis to paint down the road. I found that elevating the quality of mini definitely helped me improve as a painter so that is why I wanted to mention it. I look forward to seeing your progress

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    I am not really into gaming anymore, so this is more just something to do and to see how well I can do as I progress. I wouldn't say that it is for display level stuff (although I may enter some mini comps down the road) at least at this point as I don't have the time to devote to it daily, but if I can get a figure painted with some level of competence than I will be happy. And speed might be a little bit of an incorrect term here (maybe focus is better) as it is more that I need to be able to accomplish more when I paint during an hour or two session, but I find myself getting distracted and watching the Hockey game or something else on tv and so I get one sleeve painted instead of the whole shirt so I am only painting for 10 - 15 minutes instead of the hour.

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    Here is the start of the malifaux mini I have started on

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    and with a little more work done to it, mostly lightening the skin and painting the laces on the corset
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    Off to a great start! There are some really fine details on this mini (I've never painted Malifaux before) and I like the sculpt a lot. I think this is a good piece to take your time and push your abilities. Keep us posted on your progress

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    Level up !!! Ding ding ding find the nearest save pony and save game!!!!

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    Yeah, this figure was a lot smaller than I was thinking it was going to be, but really wanted to give it a try especially to see if I can pick out the details without messing it up (too much). The hardest part with what I have done so far is trying to get those damn tiny laces on the front of the dress top painted in

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