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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Okay, finally got it glued to base (still not sure if I like the base, but I am kind of committed to it now). Waiting for the glue to dry as she is a tad wobbly to finish the rim of the base.
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    Nicely done Eki, the base is very atmospheric. Overall you've done a great job I must say

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    Eki, this looks amazing. I love the base, the cool grey and the green goes well with her outfit. Well done!

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    Thank you Sigmar and gorb! I guess I need to narrow down my issue with the base which is mostly with the Typhus Corrosion I used. I was alright with it, but thought I could get some bits that looked like puddles and hence those several kind of dark circles which just strike me as way to uniform so look out of place to me. I do really like how the green turned out for that grated area and pretty happy with the rusted areas.

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    Nice to see the finished figure! Seeing her all together, I especially like how delicately you painted the skin tattoos (?) as a complement to the crazy colors of the outfit. Nice base as well, I think the green is a really smart choice that ties back into the figure's colors more.

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    Your borg lady is showing up quite nicely. As already stated earlier, the colour combination is really great and the NMM gold!
    I know what you're meaning with your base statement. It looks somehow not yet finished. If she's walking on old metal (looks somehow rusty),
    you might wanna add some real metal (metal net pieces or some 40k bitz) to give it a bit more contrast? Just thinking loudly.

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    Thank you DChan, really appreciate the comments. The spots (think more like birth marks than tattoos) are there because I see most Genestealer Cult figures with them and tried to do some veins on the top of the head as well.

    Hey Graishak, always appreciate the comments and critiques as they are very helpful especially since it can give you new ideas to utilize in future projects. Yeah, you might be right, after looking at it I kind of wish I had put some fine mesh over that space underneath the figure to make it look partially like mesh-walkway. I probably still could but will have to be careful with it. As for the metal I had thought about that, but wanted it to look like it is as I was thinking more like a ship, where everything is painted, but going all rusty and such.

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    Her head looks great side on. The purple becoming more prominent behind the head really works. A nice dusting of pigments becoming more concentrated towards the rust could tie it all in with the ground. The lighter rust looks good as is. To me it looks like rust has formed in areas where moisture has pooled on the ground.

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    Thanks bullfrog, yeah, I was just hoping that I would be able to do that purple glazing on the head without messing it all up. I finally checked what I had purchased a while back (I bought two or three Secret Weapons pigment powders) and one appears to be a rust color so will probably give that a shot and see what it looks like on the base. Never used them, so off to the web to find out what I need to do...

    Oh, and decided to mess with the base a little bit more before trying the pigments as those blobs of Typhus Corrosion where irritating me to no end, so here is an updated shot of the base (only messed with the recessed area under the mini)
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    I think you did a great job on this mini AND on the base. the two really works well together.

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    Thank you Dexter! Yeah, I like the base a little better after "fixing" those circles of typhus corrosion. Will try to get some good pics and probably post it up for voting tonight or tomorrow

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    Testing the collage aspect for pictures
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    and this is way too small for my liking. back to the drawing board...

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    A while ago, I was asking for an application and uncle BaM shared with me the "Photoscape".
    Alternate I can recommend to build it in powerpoint, there you can play a bit around with frames and sizes (prior you can cut the pictures on your behalfs in Photoscape).
    Have fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graishak View Post
    A while ago, I was asking for an application and uncle BaM shared with me the "Photoscape".
    Alternate I can recommend to build it in powerpoint, there you can play a bit around with frames and sizes (prior you can cut the pictures on your behalfs in Photoscape).
    Have fun
    Thanks Graishak, I will have to take a look at Photoscape. I do have powerpoint, but have been messing around in CorelDraw today. I like the second photo collage I did. Only thing I realized is I didn't actually get a good pick showing the base top.

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    Okay, since this is only the second figure I have put up on the voting boards, I think this is the link for it so please vote: http://www.coolminiornot.com/446632

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    Voted! Well done mate, well done. Congratulations on finishing this model, and doing it with such style! She looks awesome.

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    Voted + comment left :-)
    Do you have already plans for the next project?

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    Thanks Gorb and Graishak! Yeah, probably either go back to that bust I have been messing around with for quite some time and there is a skink starpriest (I think that is the model) I have waiting.

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    Not a wip update but I will probably be taking at least a few days off, but not really sure how long. I just had to put my precious little lady to sleep and so on top of all the crappiness with social distancing because of COVID19 and what not I think I am just going to lounge around and watch tv or read.
    Good bye bean, my little painting buddy, you will be missed. The 16+ years you were on this earth were that much more special
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