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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    Yeah, this figure was a lot smaller than I was thinking it was going to be, but really wanted to give it a try especially to see if I can pick out the details without messing it up (too much). The hardest part with what I have done so far is trying to get those damn tiny laces on the front of the dress top painted in
    Awesome start on the new mini. I like several of the Malifaux sculpts and this is a nice one.

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    Thanks Krule. I haven't done much, with work and a cold just haven't felt like it too much. But I did get a little bit of work done on the figure: Started to add in a little extra color on the feathers and some other little bits. Not sure if I want to keep the corset and arm coverings the grey or go with something else. Question, anyone have a good color for shading the pink? I originally went with a dark red in one spot, but it didn't feel right to me. I am thinking about just glazing some black maybe mixed with some red on the pink parts. I really should of thought of that before I committed to the pink...
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    I tell ya the color combination is extremely appealing!!!!

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    Thanks, the only thing I am not sure about is the purple I did on the back part of the dress. I am thinking of going over it with just the blue

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    Looking at pictures of light pink dresses might give you an idea. In general it seems the lighter shades of pink like you have actually show contrast by going to nearly white on the highlights. Slightly dark pinks go to a red in the deep folds, but there don't see, to be those type of folds on this minis dress. One of the nicer looking shadows on a light pink I saw was a bit of violet or "mauve pink".


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    Thanks for the ideas, although looking at pink dresses it seems it can go either way, but yeah, the pink part is not as detailed as the blue. If I take this as an example:
    Name:  JVN-by-Jovani-Prom-Dress-jvn52179-a_opt_7.jpg
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Size:  56.1 KB It would seem that some of the deep creases do kind of go to red, while the others look kind of greyish to me. I do have a white-pink paint so I can probably get the highs with that and will have to play with the other bits.

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    Might be worth loading the reference in Reaper's power pallette. http://www.reapermini.com/PowerPalette/

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    ....and I don't know why I didn't think of that Thanks again Krule

    Okay, tried Power Palette. Unfortunately not extremely helpful as it is telling me that the dress is bone color or aged bone. It looks pink to me. Anyway, at least one of the shadows looks like it might have picked up fairly good as it offered a pale purple as the match, so I might give that a shot

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    The power pallete can be hit or miss. It seems to work better picking colors from paintings than photos. I was picking out some grays from your photo on it which jives with some of your earlier thoughts.

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    Nice smooth painting on this little malifaux mini... she’s looking great so far.
    for the shading of the pink, I would use your base pink colour and tone it down with a purple, something along the lines of genestealer purple. Although as krule mentioned if you want to keep the contrast quite low once highlights are on the base colour could be deep enough for the shadows.

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    I went over the recesses with a greyish/purple glaze. I will get some pics up as soon I fix the mini (dropped it and it broke - fortunately the figure stayed together it just broke from the base), so I am going to pin it and then add some time or something to the base before I re-glue it.

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    Okay, got the figure pinned, so here is some updated photos. Wound up adding a slightly darker/brighter pink and then glazed over that with the purplish-grey in the recesses

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    Just have a few small details to finish up and then see if I need to add some finishing touches anywhere

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    While I am waiting on deciding how to finish this above one up and base it, I am going to start on this one:
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    I recently picked up a bottle of one of the colored Stylnrez primers to see how it works and want to paint the body red

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    Now this latest one is a cool figure... I’ve seen it before but can’t remember where? I think I got close to buying it at some point...

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    It by Reaper - specifically 50212 - Incredible Woman

    Also, I really like the colored primer (at least this one for doing red). It came out so much smoother than some of my previous attempts with red
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    Just some great painting going on here on this thread. The bell dressed woman is incredible and your color choice and scheme is wonderful . Great job on the incredible woman. It’s often helpful and most of us do this -meaning we paint a section until semi / almost completed than use that as a gauge to bring the other parts up to that par. In regards to priming for smoother colors laid down-it’s EXACTLY what most talented painters do . I myself do a bit of freehand but prefer decals . What ever helps to cover less distance and still look marvelous that’s then the way to go.
    nice job buddy!!!

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    I agree with what others have said. The Malifaux mini looks great and that looks like a good Reaper sculpt as well. I don't see a lot of superhero work here on the WIP so I look forward to seeing how you get on with it

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    Thanks all, considering I see your works and I feel like I have just dipped mine in a jar of paint and said they are done (ok, not exactly, but pretty damn close) I really appreciate it.
    Only thing I don't like on the Malifaux mini is the laces on the top part of the dress. They were so freakin thin and with the curve in that section, because of the breastiges, I just couldn't get a nice super thin line there so it looks bad to me (the actual laces are probably about 1/3 the size of my line if not smaller).

    Well, her name on Reaper is Incredible Woman, so I am painting her to match the outfits in the Incredibles movies, going to try to free-hand a logo, since Reaper's don't come with any, so this might get interesting in an ugly way in a hurry since I can't draw for a damn. Anyway, did some shading on it to see if I like using the purple I selected so here is a current pic:
    Name:  20181104_142401.jpg
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    take a look at Bailey"s WIP. he gives some nice hints for freehand patterns using dots and makeshift rulers which should work for a super hero emblem

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