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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    So I took a few lazy days off and finally started back up to finish the Aztec figure I am working on. Here is the little feather piece that connects to her hip and the other hand with the broom started. Not really happy with the gold look on the tiny medallion on the hip piece, but I think at this point I am going to leave it as is although since I have done some of the other feathers in a blue/green/yellow pattern, I may change the tip of the feathers on the hip piece, but I also kind of like them in the white and different shade of blue
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    The feathers are looking good and difficult to paint in the pictures. It looks the detail could be a bit sharper which doesn't make your job any easier, unfortunately. For the gold, I'd say you could try and push the contrast even further on the gold parts and I think that might lead to a more convincing effect. I often find I have to do a second pass when doing gold NMM to get the desired effect. Looking forward to seeing more progress on the Aztec!

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    Keep up the good work! I've posted a pic in my thread of my progression painting an nmm shield which looks alright when finished, have a look and see if you get any inspiration. Your stuff is much smaller though so might be a bit more difficult

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    Thanks Kuribo and Maxwin really appreciate the feedback. As for the feathers, I still haven't put any highlights on them so hopefully I can pick out the lines on them (but they weren't deeply lined so even the thinner paints mostly covered them a bit). Maxwin, will definitely take a look at your sbs, the hard part on the little hip piece though is that dang snake emblem on it so have even less real estate to work with and I think my problem was trying to do it on a shadowed side I wasn't quite sure how dark to make it and ended up messing it up on the first go around.

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    Eki I’m certain with your skill level you will have the feathers sortid as everything else is looking pro level standard !!!

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    Thanks BAM, the feathers don't really bother me. It is the mess of nmm gold that I have (at least with the small pieces) that I don't think I have the skills yet to really get it right. But if I don't try to paint nmm I will never learn it, so I am okay with it going sideways on me.

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    While I have been poking along painting the aztec goddess I started up this Reaper Sophie figure. Mostly just playing around with some nmm (just the lower part of the armor - the scale bit) for right now and then playing with some different patterns for the dress, not sure if I like them or just want a different color than the darker blue. I do really like that kind of textured pattern I have on the leather bit I started, but not sure if I can replicate it. I just painted the leather and then did a glaze of Vallejo Burnt Umber that I thinned down with Vallejo airbrush flow improver. So not sure if it was the combination or if it was just patterning in the metal that I didn't realize so it pooled that way.
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    Not happy with the patterns I was testing out (came up with a new one I hope) so in the process of covering up the lower skirt and did some work on the leather bit and trying the nmm gold again (I think it is mostly missing a final brighter highlight, but happier with this one that the bits on the Aztec figure)
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    Nice work ekipage, I like the texture on that leather skirt.
    The gold trim looks very soft right now. I can see the nmm when I squint at it, so it is definitely there!
    If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say you just need to push the contrast a bit, both up and down. Get some bright parts right next to very dark parts, if you know what I mean.

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    I love the face -your painting captured an incredible smile on this pretty lil lady !!!

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    Gorb, thanks for the feedback and that was pretty much what I worked on this evening. Probably can still use refinement, but personally I am happy with it at least in this stage of learning the technique. I am not sure if I overworked the leather bit though as I just feel I played with it too much today.

    BAM, thanks, you are one of the best! Only issue I have is I realized the nose is kind of weird, like it didn't cast well (seem like the tip is missing, unless the figure was just supposed to have a button nose). Face is just roughed in right now. I still need to correct the white in the right eye and then try to do a light glint in them as well.

    I really appreciate everyone's comments and help as I take this journey of improving my painting skills!

    Here is where the figure stands right now
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    and son of a gun, I just realized I missed that mold line under her right arm (the one that is raised higher)
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    It is a shame about the nose. It reminds me of some issues I've had with Failcast but I applaud you for not letting it dissuade you on this otherwise beautiful sculpt.

    Others can chime in because I'm still learning NMM myself but I think you need to add additional highlights to the gold part to make it convincing. I think of NMM as having light hitting it from four different directions instead of just zenithal. If you google Darren Latham's blog and give his articles on NMM a read, I think you'll get an idea of what I mean. For this part of the sculpt, there should be highlights on both sides of her armor with sharp contrast in between each highlight. I would be tempted to give her a highlight on each corner of the "triangle" with a secondary highlight halfway between the highlights if you can build up the highlights and shadows in between. Otherwise, highlights on each corner of the triangle should work well. I hope this helps and NMM is funny in that it doesn't look right until it does and then you know you're on the right track. So I'd say keep experimenting with it and you'll know when its really starting to click.

    Look forward to seeing more progress on this one!

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    Nice work so far, leather is really nice.
    Being quite new to NM myself one of the tips I picked up from Youtuber Squidmar was to use photoshop to try stuff out before and during painting.
    This only took a few minutes but you get the idea ...
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    AH, come on, you just made my nmm look like complete crap Seriously though, thanks Maxwin, your example looks soo much better than my actual paint so far. I guess partly I am not wrapping my head around the technique. I am trying to paint the figure like the light is coming from about 90 degrees from the right side, so the right part of the armor would be in the light and the left side would be in shadow, but I guess to sell the effect is to kind of ignore that. But then it doesn't make sense for me to paint the skin like the light is from one side....gah! I will try to get the colors looking more like your example and see how that goes with the rest of the figure.

    Thanks Kuribo, yeah, probably need to study up some more on the evil nmm witchery
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    Okay, trying to re-work the nmm gold. Not sure how it looks (I know it is kind of rough right now) but it still feels weird kind of ignoring where the light should be coming from based on what I planned
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    Yeah forget the light (ish) just make it look good for starters, that does look much better and I would say the brightest bits are fine but try and darken the browns it will make it look shinier.
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    Great job ekipage, the gold is starting to SHINE! And kudos to maxwin for suggesting that edit in photoshop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gorb View Post
    Great job ekipage, the gold is starting to SHINE! And kudos to maxwin for suggesting that edit in photoshop.
    I think you are only looking at Maxwin's versions if you think it is starting to look good I just need to find a brown that will get me something like that. Might have to dig out the black brown and maybe tone it down some or a brown and add some black and purple to it

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    Okay, trying to get the darker parts a little darker. Mixed some Black Brown with purple and this is where she sits right now
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