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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    thanks Krule, I think I remember seeing that a while ago. I will have to take a look again

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    Nice work on the shading there eki!!!!
    Be sure to not introduce to much of an orange/yellow tone when highlighting as with a purple/blue shade on a red gives a cool tone and over doing it with a warm highlight could give it a kind of strange look ? I’m not saying it can’t be done, just something for you to have a think about while working the contrast.
    if you look back through 10 balls thread he did a squig with quite a cool tone to it, and the way he highlighted it makes it really pop... I’m pretty sure he used a fleshtone to build up the highlight colour... you may want to have a look at that

    great at work though mate, I’m really liking how it’s coming along.

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    Thanks for the heads up Chaotic and the kind words, I appreciate it. I looked through ten balls thread and asked what he highlighted up to (since I didn't see what he used) at least to get a better idea

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    A little more work done and then I tried a quick highlight of SC75 Pink Flesh and Orkish Dermis mixed about 50/50, what do you all think (other then the fact that I have skipped a few steps and this is a quick pass to see what it would look like)

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    That looks pretty damn good to me mate....
    what I would do now is thin down some of your base colour red, like 1:10 paint:water and glaze over your highlight back into your base colour. It will really smooth out the transitions and blend the highlight colour into the base colour.
    with a bit of back and forth building up the highlight and glazing it back with get your layers super smooth...
    also increasing the highlight colour in the glaze as you move along will help it build up.
    this could really help give you that smooth shiny latex look for this type of material you are painting? That’s how I would approach it anyways, just a thought

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    Def a great job. I also concur with chaotic C.it puts the red back in the pink. For the future if youde like to push reds there are two paths it ends up after it gets its highlights.:1) pink. 2) orange yellow. If you got the avenue of pink ( most do ) you can mix a medium grey/ with your red to highlight.This retains its tone while becoming lighter. Baily helped me out when I was trying to find a more desaturated red( not a pink) for the cape on my vampire bust to contrast against the intense blood and gore.

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    Chaotic - took your advice and glazed some of the red back over the areas I highlighted also playing with the hair a little bit. I want to do blue glowing eyes, but not sure what color I want to really go with the hair yet.

    BAM, thanks for the tip. This one isn't going to have the blood and gore but it will come in useful down the road I am sure.

    This is just a quick glaze or two of the base color over the areas I highlighted, so still a bit more work to do on it, but I think it does look a little better at this stage:
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    After looking at these photos, I think I am going to go a different route than purple for the hair, or at least go with a much darker color purple to start as I can not tell the difference between this one and the previous post and I did add a light purple to the hair. I might glaze it a darker purple and blue and then go back with highlights and such
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    and a little more work done trying to fine tune the highlights
    Name:  20181109_224107.jpg
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    Looking at the pics I realize the back still needs some more work and probably the breast area as well.

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    I think these pics are a little clearer and tried to do the glowing eyes. I think they still need work, but hey first time so at least it is a learning experience. Also trying to throw some blue on the black bits to see how it looks. I have realized that the shadows seem to disappear on the back (at least in the photos) so will have to work on those some more. But here is what I have so far:
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    Yeah, definitely need to work on the eyes some more, I think I have the whites too big!
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    She reminds me now somehow (at least from the eyes) to "Storm" of X-men.
    The red dress has now the right level of highlighting. MAybe you wanna build a bridge between hair and dress and put some pink elements into it?
    Same could apply for the shoes if you like.

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    Thanks Graishak, yeah I kind of thought she looks a little like Storm when I did the eyes too. I didn't think about the pink in the hair, went with some blue and white and lighter purple. Still not happy with the boots and wrist cuffs though. May start painting the other super hero fig I have and get back to this one
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    Graishak, took your advice and added a little pink to the hair as a final highlight, but I see it is kind of washed out at least on my monitor. I think I might have done the eyes a little too much, still happy with it, but I think I went a few too many coats with the blue. STill haven't decided what to do about the boots but some back issues sidelined me for the past few days.
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    Looking really great eki... the hair is really good.

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    The blends are really coming together, she is looking pretty nice.

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    Thanks Chaotic and Krule. I think the thing that bugs me the most is that it doesn't look the same in person as it does on my computer monitor. I look at it in person and I am happy with it, I look at it on my monitor and I feel that I need to do a lot of work on it still. It is totally messing with me I tell you, I think my computer is out to get me... I am pretty happy with the hair, except I think of those stupid Starbucks Unicorn drinks when I look at it.

    I also wound up painting over the boots and wrist guards as I wasn't happy with the blue I was getting. I think it is because I used a gloss black to paint them and the blue wasn't gloss so it was throwing it off in my eyes. I need to re-think how I want to do it. Maybe just paint the blue and then put a gloss coat on it to see if it brings it up to what I think it should be?

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    That’s a battle for everyone... the camera is very unforgiving, so you need to kind of trick the camera to get it to look like it does to the eye... with correct light placement and background colour etc...
    this is something I’m absolutely crap at lol so my figures always look shit on camera, but I don’t mind!!!
    Theres heaps of information online about how to effectively take photos for minis, really worth looking into if you want to take better photos..

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    That red dress is something I would fear to start painting...

    Maybe you could deepen the shadows with some blueish glazes (especially with the darkest eye color, or even mixing it with black, to keep the colors in harmony), increasing the contrast of the mini.
    And check some Incredibles movie poster for how far you can go with the shadows, though they keep it simple and do not create warm-cold contrast.

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    You're right, maybe a bit too much blue around the eyes, but beside that it looks very good :-)

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    It is good to see you making steady progress on this gal! I really like the glowing eyes and the red suit. They're both looking great. Don't sweat how it looks on your computer too much. Chaotic is right about that. Photos magnify tiny mistakes that our eyes don't catch. I can't tell how much sculpted detail is on the bracers and boots but I'm wondering if a color other than black would make those parts look better or at least getting more highlights on the black will help. I struggle with black myself and don't envy you when it comes to painting those parts! Perhaps someone with more skill and knowledge than myself can jump in and give some advice there too

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    Thanks all for the comments, I really appreciate them as they do help me realize that others have some of the same issues and feedback to try to fix stuff (I mean that I will try them, may not be successful though).

    @Lone, the red actually wasn't that bad once I purchased some Badger Stylenrez Red-Brown primer. It made painting the red soooooo much easier. I will never paint red without priming it that color from now on

    @Graishak, yeah, but I think I am leaving the eyes alone. At this point I will only mess them up worse if I try to "fix" them. They do look a little better in person as opposed to the photograph though.

    @ Kuribo, there is absolutely no detail on the bracers and boots (okay, the boots have some lines I could use for highlighting). I think my biggest problem was I wanted the boots and bracers to be glossy and so I used a gloss black, but when I tried to glaze in the blue the blue was a matte so it didn't look right. It might have been okay if I put a gloss over it. I think at this point I might try and add some gloss varnish to my blue and see if that works (IF ANYONE HAS TRIED THIS AND IT IS A HORRRIBLE FAILURE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!). And thank you about the eyes, I keep flip flopping on whether I think they are okay or not, hence the reason I am leaving them as they are.

    Speaking of which, while I am figuring out what to do with the Super hero figure and what I want to do with other one I have (super hero, but different figure) I decided to try a hand at the Zarbag figure as well. Just picked it up today and got it cleaned and primed
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