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Thread: Eki's WIPs - finally got the gumption to post something

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    The fur and leathers look great!

    Right now the yellow gold nmm looks a bit flat and washed out, which tells me it needs a bit of super dark contrast, maybe a dark purple in the shadows? I don't know, my nmm skills are super noob

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    Great progress on the Kong!
    Echoing Gorb, the fur looks really great.

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    This is already looking epic. Nice work on this one.

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    I think your problem with the NMM-Gold on the chest ist that is it yellow/light yellow. If you look at a reference pic gold is more of an orange shade.
    So I'd use a yellow / light yellow only for the last few highlights. For middletone I'd stay with an orange brown color, and for shades I'd go with a red-brown with some unsaturated green or purple (both mixed in the middletone-brown shade mix).
    Also I'd use less edge highlights (what is white on the pic now), just some on the most prominent points.

    looked through my pics. Apparently I do NMM rarely. The only larger NMM-gold I did was on the Alahan cavalry. There I used a very simple recipe and very few layers (in my wip thread you can see how the end looks (around page 9)):
    - noesian white (HL2) (light yellow , about same as VMC ice-yellow/light yellow)
    - forgotten gold (HL1) (light orange brown)
    - kalienne yellow (B) (dark orange brown),
    - beasty flesh (S1) (red brown, about the same as VGC-Bestial Brown)
    - dirty leather (S2) (dark red/black brown, about the same as VGC-Scorched Earth)
    - originally tried a 3rd shade with purple, but the filligree were to small to see any noticeable difference, so was dropped in the end.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Gorb and Maxx are bank on. You need more contrast dude. Get yourself a decent midtone and paint all the gold areas with it. Then sketch in your light and dark. Keep things loose and remember to leave some midtone. Sketching will let you see instantly if it’s working or not. If it’s not, paint it out and start over. If it is great, time to blend and render the metal. Keep your highlight and blends really thin rather than over large broad areas. As a rule of thumb the wider and larger the gradient the flatter and more burnished the metal. Super shinny metal won’t have trainings between the colours, the reflections are super sharp Name:  3A9863D7-82D1-45F0-B9A3-2E55C9651357.jpeg
Views: 106
Size:  69.5 KB this beautiful gold is by Alessandro. You can see that he’s gone for a polished metal but it’s not highly polished. He has thought about the shape of the object and placed his highlights and shadows accordingly. He’s left a lot of the yellow (with a hint of green) and has nice little slashes of warm red/brown in there as well (it looks like Mournfang brown) the effect is of a nice warm gold that looks and feels real even though you can see it’s a non metallic.

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    Thanks all! I really appreciate the kind compliments and explanations on the NMM. It looks like part of my problem is I am just not using "good" colors or enough colors and either need to pick up some additional paints or rummage through my other paints to select some better colors, I think I am kind of messing it up on the lighting of it, and I am just being super stubborn and refusing to watch enough videos until I get a better understanding of it, and a part of it is I am just choosing really bad parts to try for right now. I think I really need to focus on doing a sword or axe head instead of doing these weird shaped pieces.

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    Okay so playing with the bigger piece on the chest so far and I like it a little more, not at all happy with the left side of it (right side of picture). And nope, after seeing the larger picture I am not liking it as much as I thought. Grr, I hate nmm!
    Name:  20210401_211019.jpg
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Size:  148.7 KB

    As for the head, mostly done with it, just need to work on the tooth. Trying to go for a milky eye in the right one and think I have it or at least pretty close. Trying to figure out if I need to glaze a little more color back in or leave as is.
    Name:  20210401_211223.jpg
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    The gold is look much goldier now, well done!
    Loving the fur and the leathers too!

    If you are interested, Darren Latham did a gold NMM tutorial on IG just yesterday (was wondering wether it was an April's fool, but to my delight it was legit): https://www.instagram.com/tv/CNItJ5ynA6w/
    Like Tim suggested, he also started with a solid base color, then sketched in highlights and shadows, going brighter and darker alternately.
    His piece also ended up looking a bit flat at one point, so he added a richer yellow contrast paint that just brought everything back into the gold tonal range.
    It is a great video, I highly recommend it.

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    Thanks gorb, and really appreciate link. Will definitely check it out.

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    Oh my. I start on page 40 a few minutes ago and think, “if ekipage would figure out eyes his minis would look several levels better”. Then a couple pages later....holy crap. Eki has eyes down. That Fractured mini looks beautiful. Congrats on the major leveling up..

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    Thanks KB, now if I can just get down a decent NMM

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    Level up by the end of this piece Mark my words.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    Thanks KB, now if I can just get down a decent NMM
    I don’t think you are that far off. You seem to be on the edge of getting it. If you can get into a hands on class your learning curve will accelerate.

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    Gracias there BAM, you might be right except for the NMM bit which I am getting a little better at but still struggling with it.

    KB, thank you, but it is driving me kinda buggy! Oh definitely want to take an in-person class as that is the way I prefer to learn. Can't wait until we can do some of those again and will likely take a nmm class the first chance I get. Some of my issues are from watching too dang many videos though since I watch one and go "oh, I like the colors that person chose" then I see another vid and like those colors and then it is like dang it I don't have one or two of those paints, then I watch another and think that looks good. I need to just pick one and stick through it until the end

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