firehawks sold out already?
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Thread: firehawks sold out already?

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    Default firehawks sold out already?

    I was interested in the nasier firehawks set since the release of the second book. I found out just before thanksgiving that they were released... I see they are sold out already. That's crazy as it seems cmon usually gets around 900 box sets! I've seen multiple posts on this on various online forums or facebook, seems like they were quite popular and multiple of us are looking for multiple sets.

    I saw and participated in the awesome sale of wok items this cyber monday. My questions are:

    1. will we see a restock of the firehawks or news on an estimtated restock date this holiday season?
    2. Is the sale just a sign of too much stock?

    The game is too good to be unsupported, I hope we get restock of the firehawks soon!

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    Bryan Steele of CMON did say in a comment in the WGC WoK FB group that this sale was to clear overstock and that he was working on plans for WoK in 2018.

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