We usual put "cooler" colors in shadows and "warmer colors in highlights, but when highlighting a surface that's already candy-apple red, how do you warm that up? Heck, it's already glossy. How to add more specularity on top of an already gloss finish?

Pictured: The work in progress. I'm wanting to put highlights and lowlights on the lower barrel of this gun&shield assembly. (The right arm of a "Wroughthammer Rockram" from Warmachine.) I painted the lower barrel red to break up the endless swath of metallics in the gun. Now I'm getting stuck on how to highlight a color that's already as warm as colors get and glossy.

And heck, for cooling down the shaded areas... an orange-y brown, I suppose? That would be the next cooler shade... or even a yellow-y brown.
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