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Thread: New Recruits - Conquest of Kings - Skirmish RIW Hobbies Livonia, MI Feb 3 Noon

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    Default New Recruits - Conquest of Kings - Skirmish RIW Hobbies Livonia, MI Feb 3 Noon

    New Recruits is a Wrath of Kings - Conquest of Kings Skirmish level event.

    This event will be focused on helping new or occasional players familiarize themselves with their forces and the format, and hopefully prime the pump for future events.
    The cost is $10.
    All entry costs go to prize support.
    Each round will be roughly an hour, though leeway will be given as required.
    A copy of the Conquest of Kings tournament package can be downloaded here:

    Please pay special attention to the list requirements: you will have 1 core list made according to the Skirmish level. The Options part of Skirmish will be used to build two different "options" that you will choose from before each game.
    The Core section includes no options.
    Each option uses only the Options section.
    The end result is you will have two different list based on options to choose from each game.

    Please also note you must have a Motivation deck . You must pick a different Motivation to play each game. You can only play each Motivation once during the event.

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    Just a gentle reminder that we're less than two weeks away from our first WoK event!

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    Looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday!

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