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    Default Pelegrath strategies?

    I've been thinking about focusing on using the Pelegrath half of Nasier (since in the past I've mostly used the other half). I was wondering if anyone had any advice, strategies, insights? Basically, I'd like to start an ongoing discussion. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Pelegrath units? What other units work well with them? What armies do they work well against?

    The units I plan on using are
    Elsis Tagil
    Pelegrath Bloodmasks and Howls
    Pelegrath Brutes and Brute Wardens
    Sarvoth Shadow Veil

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    So recently I've been playing pretty much just pelegarth. The brutes have become feared and the first thing my opponents try to kill now. I like to run squads with a few brutes backed up by bloodmasks who basically block for the brutes. The warden combos well with this squad as they let you bloodmasks get a dice for just engaging then can use their action to assist the brute as he has a 3 inch range and should always be protected/protecting your ladies. Elsis can be great if running one big block, she makes the already tanky bloodmasks more tanky. With her your brutes have a 10 inch threat range which is really scary for most everything.

    As for specialists the shadowveils are for sure versatile and tanky. As a rank 1 specialist they really shine. And I know they aren't pelegarth but longhorns are ridiculously strong as they have an 11 inch threat range which is great.
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    I hadn't really thought of using them as a big blob. Thats interesting. I've been kind of afraid that they won't really pack as much of a punch as a Ashmen/Felhammer army.

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    Their knockback can net you a fair number of dice if you make two models stop the knock backed unit. Effectively 3 dice total, one on each, if you're using the howl's inspire to get the die on the model knocked back.

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    Do you feel like thats enough to overcome lots of tougher enemies?

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    You'd have a tough time with def 2 styff and that trick. But you have combined attacks for them, or your specialists.

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    I've done some pelegarth bloodmask mobs, but that was before I had brutes. I have not tried the both together much yet, and my shadowveils are in the paint queue. . That said, I can offer more bloodmask-specific thoughts.

    With a C deploy, the bloodmasks can quickly get in advanced positions to score or contest Motivations. It's very hard to not take Elsis Tagil with a pelegarth mob because she can use her Inspire for early combined activations to really rocket you upfield in force. With Evasion and Shield Guard, blookmasks are a great tarpit. Elsis's training can enhance this with plus Evasion if you tie up multiple models. Shield bash and the Howl's Inspire can help you do that too. I have not really tried a Warden with bloodmasks yet, but she can definitely help up their offensive output, where they tend to lack. Plus brutes add to that hitting power and durability, plus positioning manipulation. Chain Pull and Shield Bash can help you maximize either Elsis's or the warden's training.

    I do like to pair Elsis with the Bloodchild. Fierce Resolve and Rally Point combo to really help you score Unstoppable Force or Call to Glory. Add a longhorn or two, and Escort Civilians is also a strong Motivation. And the natural durability of a bloodmask mob, plus their speed, means Burn it Down and Stand Your Ground are also very achievable. Really, the right build offers alot of tactical flexibility.

    It might be interesting to try the following, based on a list I like but swapping out longhorns for shadowveils.

    18 bloodmasks
    2 shadowveils.

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