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Thread: Les Barniques - Massive Darkness/Zombicide Black plague Paints

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    Thanks Krule! Yeah i wanted to keep the "massive Darkness" vibe.

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    That one was a tricky one to do :S.

    The Hellhound

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    Now you just showing off!
    (Great work)

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    haha thanks Perkons, I do enjoy showing off the work. I love painting miniatures and appreciate getting feedback to improve the work!

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    These miniatures (all of your posts) are just incredible. Can't say enough about the quality...I love your work. Nice stuff, for sure!
    BLAH BLAH...blah.

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    Thanks beradical! Glad you like it! Only thing i have trouble with is getting nice pictures. My blackbox might be too small for some of the minis from massive darkness. I'll have to think of new options.

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    Sarah (trying to take pictures during the day in the black box, the difference is pretty noticeable with the bounce light of daylight.)

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    They images are so dark. I really like your work, but you need bounce some more light into the box.

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    I enjoy these mini's. your painting is very smooth and the color combinations work well. Thanks for showing your great work.
    I eat crayons!! Do you have any REDS? They taste the best!
    I probably would paint with them better.

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    Ogre RockBreaker, I also use him as Splig for Descent.

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    My favs as far as figures go are the rock breaker and the high troll . The painting however I live in all of them

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