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    Thanks guys! No rush of course I will take it easy.

    Built a frame with small wood molding for the Elven warlord,

    Primed and ready to paint, the frame will be TMM gold.

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    The dude is ready to be primed

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    I am debating what to use for the back ground, I know that the best option would be a painting but also more time consuming, what about a black velvet or something can that pass? Or maybe just a BG with pasterns? Any ideas welcomed.
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    In order to extenuate the metals you want a plain background, black velvet will work fine and make it pop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mally View Post
    In order to extenuate the metals you want a plain background, black velvet will work fine and make it pop.
    yep, a plain backgroung could look good. Or a transition, like the figure was backlit (basically a circular transition with the highlight in the middle)
    (Like this for example )

    maybe with a blueish tint if lot of the armor is gold. (small pattern on it like a "fleur le lis" or similar would be overkill)
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    agree, it needs to be plain, any detail will distract. id go for dark colours as well. so any light areas of the painting will keep the eyes where they should be .

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    Thanks Mally, Maxx and Coyote! I like you guys Idea, I will do some photoshoping and post my finds, that way it will be even clearer.

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    The Elven Warlord is ready to paint, I was thinking blue metallic armor with gold trimming. Of course there will be extras

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    In gonna go put in The Limburg here and say wijt Gill confidence that tero knoes exactly wijst hes looking to achieve. Hes No noob. Believe that!!! Go get em ter!!!

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    I received today the 2 other flats that was BO,

    Cyborg Warrior, this is the one I wanted to do, this one will have a painted BG and stuff on a plinth.

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    Evil toughs, this is cool too.

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    Cool. These flats ought to be a good medium for your patternp and artistic talents to really shine.

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    Omg why do you do it to me TERO -why why why - your awesome metallics are gonna kill these things and your gonna make and inspire me to do flats next-why why why you lil inspirer you!!!!

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    Good to hear from you again Tero , I'm glad the wrist is on the mend and sounds like the mojo is coming back ..good man .
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    Hi Terra bro!!! Missed you man, I still have your hat

    Thanks KB, will sure try.

    Thanks BAM! Golden!

    A start on the armor, flats for some reason looks easy but don't be fooled! My metallic techniques where adapted for regular 3d minis I had to juggle, still I am.

    Again, hard to photograph TMM, especially in automatic.

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    I’ve never done a flat and not sure I ever will, looks fascinating mate.
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    You my friend TERO can paint a piece of SHITE and it would turn out magnificent!!! Lol excellent choice of coloring with this piece.welcome home bud!!!

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    A bit more love on the metals, nothing to fancy for now.

    The best picture of the bunch, not settle to do photographs in manual yet, it wont be to long.

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    Looking forward to seeing this progress....not really seen any WIPs of flats before so will be interesting to see your approach. Looking good so far!

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    Thanks Hair!

    I managed to shoot in manual today, here wip so far, next going to tackle the brightest metallic , more delicate work. Or start on the skin, we will see.

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    Daaaaamn! Nice come back!
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    it´s awsome! Kudos on that model
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