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    That's a good looking elf right there. The gold is very nice.

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    flats! great to see you´re back painting!

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    You’ve introduced an impressive sense of depth on this low relief. Metallics are stunning as well, but what else would I expect from you

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    Great job tero , like riding a bike.

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    id not heard of flats before seeing this thread. really like what are doing with this one. the colours and tones in the blue are really nice

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    Thanks Flu, Skel and BAM !

    @Fox; thanks but I got to admit that these flats sculpt are impressive work.

    @Coyote; thanks! I have seen flats more and more on P&P the past 2 years, that is where I got the idea.

    You guys should check this site out, really nice stuff and the seller is really nice as well! Sent me freebies because 2 of my items where BO.

    It's mostly Historical but they have a nice choice of Fantasy as well.


    I stopped the metals for now and started on the skin slowly... You know skins are NOT my strength so I am out of my comfort zone.

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    Very nice !!! Skin tone is looking fantastic, just wondering is that blue a base to be NMM silver?

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    very cool! i love flats although i never come around to paint one myself. its like a perfect hybrid of minipainting and regular painting.

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    Looking good mate, my only suggestion is that it looks like he's posed so the shoulder on the left (as you look at it) would be further back than the other, the only part breaking the illusion is the bit of skin on the left, it should look a little darker than the other side particularly in between the back and collar bone

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    IMHO DO NOT TOUCH ITS BRILLIANT. explain to me something. How does a guy quit painting cause he needs surgery....doesn’t pick up a brush cause the surgery is on his wrist (hands) comes back and paints a killer flat,something which is his first attempt on....go figure!!!!;/

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    @CC; thanks! No, that's TMM blue.

    @Skel; yes thanks! Something I wanted to try for a while.

    @Sick; thanks! I will do some touch ups.

    @BAM;thanks! Cause I got YOU as friend and inspiration!

    OOPS, no pictures

    Next time...

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    Worked on the ultra fine details for the metals, some shades as well as the super bright highlight.

    Again WIP shot, not the best picture to show TMM

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    looking really nice, that metal is just gorgeous.

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    Agreed, the metals are stunning.

    I sort of agree with the others about the skin, maybe some broad shading over the whole width of the neck when you get round to it.

    Awesome stuff though buddy.

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    Metal god METAL GOD m e t a l g o d

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    Project is done, tomorrow I will finish framing and take the final shots.

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    Close up

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    Its a really nice pease of work, and its a lot of fun watching it beggining from the clear table.
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