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    Happy NY mt friendly- majorly amazing bust to paint. Metals metals lots of toro metals and BTW your champions jet pack and other cloth are super duper stupendous painting!!!

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    Thanks bro!!!

    Today been working on the sword a bit and started the front part of the front tabard, I decided that if I want to keep interest and moral I will skip the part that is in the back and only do the part in front.

    That's the sword before a started the blade, I will keep it a surprise until done. It's going to be dark red/purple metallic with orange glow.

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    Here well... let's just hope I can finish the tabard, I got to be one with the brush!

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    Epic work that tabard is very small I would go blind doing that! looking forward to the sword!

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    Oh yeeeah!!!!

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    looking awesome, the tinyness of those details is blowing my little mind.

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    Yep awesome work on the loincloth/cape. Very nice indeed and good to see you back to your micro madness.

    Out of interest, do you work from a reference pattern? or freestyle it?

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    Here I thought you'd slowly ease yourself back into painting, instead you jump right back into the freehand madness SM. The work is looking excellent! Those tiny checkers would drive me insane.

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    @Canny; thanks man it's tough! Sword coming up!

    @Sick; thanks man and yeah for magic!

    @BAM; Whooohooo!!

    @Coyote; thanks! That is the effect I want!

    @Hairster; thanks man, yeah l call it madness too. It's free freehand, more risky but unique. In my upcoming project I want to create patterns and try to follow them, however I did once try to follow a drawing, not sure if your familiar with my Tome of Dragons?

    @Flu; thanks flu the tinny freehand is MY signature, in this sea of mad skilled miniature painters one can only dream to be recognized apart. My tinny freehand and my metals have to be pushed to the maximum. Yeah those micro checkers they drive my insane too! The hardest part is try to get the perfect paint consistency.

    I am done with the sword so far, only touch ups when the Champion will be assemble, I still got a LOT of freehand to do on the body.

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    I think this is better picture

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    Micro painting comes to the fore once again ,love that Tabbard Tero ,I don't understand how your Hands are what give you grief when your eyes must be sooooo squinty ...love it .
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    Sublime work Tero. What you do is sheer magic, and I have no idea how you do it.

    Unless you’re a tiny smurf.

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    @Fox and Terra;Thanks guys ! It's practice really and obsession to be perfect, at the beginning I had hard time, but of course I have tools to help me and steady hands! No human on the planet can see at that resolution LOL.

    But what about the sword!!!

    This is madness, next time I want to do this kind of things please STOP me before

    I am really on a mental razor's edge. It better pay off!!

    Small portion left..

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    Haha well personally if I see you or anyone else for that matter attempt to try something like this again, I’m going to encourage the living hell out of it only because, look at what you have achieved my friend !!! This is a stand alone piece as it involves techniques where most dare not tread, and I imagine it would drive you to the brink of insanity in the process. But a genius is only a madman until people workout what he has discovered !!! Well done teronus, this is exceptional painting...

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    @CC; thanks for your nice words! Really reassuring and will help me push to the end. I still have the shoulder pad to fill with freehand after I am done with the tabard. Not sharing my vision for the shoulder pad yet because I am not sure yet exactly what to do.

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    DONT EVER DO THIS AGAIN !!!! But in the mean time, I’m totally tuned in to seeing how this develops
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    Hooooly shit!!!

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    Crazy level of freehand embellishments there, Teronus! I've been meaning to try this type of thing. I saw some tutorial about laying down the pattern in white, then washing over it to add depth to it. Totally amazed that you've covered almost the entire model with such details.

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    @TKP; thanks! Yes, layers are the key. I got many layers of metals and then I added the white base freehand and then again some more layers of glazing...

    OK! Done with the front tabard, a quick shade and high to give dept but not to much cause i will lose all my tinny dots!!!

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    That's it I am at that point in where I will start with the shoulder pad, this will be the key stone of this project. everything I did before as no meaning if this is not like I want it to be. In other word if I screw this I screw my vision.

    Here are few images to inspire me

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    Name:  280px-ImperialTruthArt.jpg
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    My heart goes for this one

    Name:  The_Eternity_Gate_-_Originial.jpg
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    If anyone around here can pull it off it's you, maybe one day I will be able to do such intricate freehand on a model (3x the size lol)

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    Eye wateringly intense as always Tero...would love the see one of these in the flesh to truly appreciate the intricacy.

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