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Thread: Tero's New WIP

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    Thanks guys!

    @Sick; I know it sounds cliche but practice and practice what ever your technique is. At the beginning I was having a hard time to pull out a tinny necron's eye!

    @Hair; I don't want to disappoint you but in the flesh it almost look like stains until you get closer and squint the living hell out of your eyes. Ask BAM! Oh and yeah make sure you sit LOL.

    There is 3 essential things you need to master to be able to do what I do;

    First is vision (it's the easiest) obviously no humans can see that well so I use tools to enhance my vision (you need to try out many many different magnifying tools until you find something good for you) it took me a long time before I find what is good for me and it happened a bit by accident, so yeah I was lucky!

    Second is steady hands, that is a bit harder then the first one you either have it or not, sure it can be getting better with practice (I use both hands as a force/counter-force devise to try to get the most stability possible, well seated in your chair with both feet flat on the ground for maximum strength/stability, you will need to dig deep for concentration (have a Pink Floyd album playing helps to get into that zone) sometimes you need to paint in between breaths and heart beats!

    Third is paint consistency (this is the hardest part) that makes me swear like a lumber jack all the time!! Too thin and you ruin your work and too tick will dry out to quick, and it keeps changing all the time in your palette! I use only fluid retardant to thin my paints, about 1/1 but like I said you start let say with 4 drops of paint and 5 drops of fluid retardant, the first 5-10 minutes it's fine then it becomes to thin... Add another drop of paint, mix, then it might be just a bit to tick and on and on.

    Hope this shed a bit of light on my technique.

    +/- 1mm wide pentagram

    Name:  IMG_7188.JPG
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    Great tips Tero...that pentagram is nuts.

    You Are right on the music thing...I’m a drone man for this sort of thing...slow constant noise is ultra relaxing and clears the head (well for me at least).

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    Honestly I think eyesight is my main issue, I've had a headache for 2 days since coming the freehand tattoo on the bust be been doing, probably need new glasses. I have been recommended some of those magnifier glasses which I might invest in, I do have one on my lamp but it's not great for miniatures, you have to hold the mini quite close to get it in focus but then it gets in the way of bushes.

    Also in just not great at drawing in general except basic shapes, need to learn to break stuff down into shapes but freehand is on my list of things to practice, probably a bunch of tattooed lady minis this year

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    Yeah, my magnifiers are absolutely necessary. I got an old pair that I like a lot, but can't buy them anymore. Nowadays I can only find the newer version, which has a nice, bright headlight, but uses 3 AAA batteries, which quickly get uncomfortably heavy on the bridge of the nose. Still, I can't work without one or the other. I also have reading glasses, but normally it's just the magnifiers. I also have a full-spectrum lamp mounted above my desk, both for painting & photography.

    The newer, very bright, very uncomfortable magnifiers:

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    yeah it’s really awesome stuff that TERO does- if you ask me he was great when he won his swlayersword- he was even better the following year when he flew to the toughest GD around the UK golden demon and with a very defiant display of talent win a GOLD demon (highest honors ) with his chaos dragon in the monster vehicle category. Now almost - 2 decades later he’s moved from dragons and the ol boring routine miniatures to being “AT HIS BEST- with an even greater passion fueling him for the most intricate MICRO FREEHAND WORK EVER. He’s really quite an amazing. Me and TERO are extremely close we text regularly and we’ve had also QUITE A BIT OF LENGTHY PHONE CONVERSATIONS. He’s very well versed in expressing himself not only in art but extremely intelligent , family oriented and well spoken. He’s amazing to talk to. Can’t help but feeling motivated each and every time we hang up and our conversations end.
    HES ALSO GIVEN ME HIS “ TOME OF MAGIC” it’s smaller than any of you guys know. The pentagrams and spell effects are unimaginable . I’m the proud owner of one of his greatest achievements . Now I have it in my cabinet- but not my regular cabinet. I have a shrine type cabinet in me and Janet’s room.everynight I thank god for my talents,my girl Janet,my brother Joseph and my friends who inspire me. At night I look in awe at maybe a handful of minis and accolades on my wall cabinet- in the front roweyelevel is Teros “TOME OF MAGIC” iesmerizes my eyes every night and leaves with a feeling of amazement in the very core of the pit of my has me realise this is how accomplished the divinely skilled artists are today. It’s an unbelievable piece of extraordinary work. It’s simply wonderful work!!!! Beyond words!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    ...“TOME OF MAGIC” it’s smaller than any of you guys know. The pentagrams and spell effects are unimaginable...
    Need pics of this!

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    Those are the ones I got recommended, I can't find my exact lamp but it's basically like this one it's not the best and only has a small effective area for painting (plus the problem of having to hold a mini so close that the brush hits it when using the magnifier) but it is small which is important, only have a small work area until the kids grow up

    Might be a silly question but can you wear that headset with glasses? Because I really can't see well without my glasses no matter how magnified things are

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    its looking fantastic. not only is the tiny details amazing but the overall colours and contrast are really nice also

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    Wow what a response! Thanks guys.

    @BAM; Really touched by your words.

    @TKP; Look I added a link to my P&P account in my signature, the tome of magic is there

    OK! Listen all I will say this only once, maybe one day I will do a tutorial we will see, in the meantime I will share with you some of my secrets.

    For the regular stuff I use my old magnifying lamp I think it's x3 and for the micro stuff I use a jeweler's loupe, now witch one it's your quest to find as everybody is different, I use a 10x30 Jeweler's loupe. Have fun!

    Back to my project, I tough a very long time and I spent long time looking at pictures and brainstorming and I came to a conclusion. My initial idea of doing a fresco or something grandiose was a wacky idea to begin with, I am not ready to try to do that sorta things now and not next year either. It will take me a few more years of practice before I can only dream thinking about tackling what I had in mind. Before I can even come close to do some micro John Blanche i am going to have to take my dose of freehand vitamins every day for a long time!!!

    Back to reality, this is what I have in mind now;

    For the shoulder pad, I spent a lot of time try to figure out what was missing, his chapter logo.

    Name:  125px-Black_Templars_Symbol.jpg
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    For the base what I have in mind is a plain imperial palace flour with a Gothic arch (i will receive from reaper with some paint soon)

    So he's going to look like he's coming out of the arch (doorway or something) on the palace floor and on the palace floor I will freehand a part of this:

    Name:  HighLordsSymbol.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_8118.jpg
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    Nothing else I think the viewer will have enough stuff to look at on the Champion.
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    Good call on the base, something relatively simple, the mini has plenty going on to look at already, also sorry for derailing the thread a little, it's difficult finding magnifying solutions when you already need glasses!

    If you wanted a more intricate chapter badge I found this online which is a little more impressive
    Name:  e59384fe369a8aee5c9d3437e0ce93fe--black-templars-deathwatch.jpg
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    You forgot #4 - Insanity and #5 - Bravery - which may or may not be the same thing, when I think about it.

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    I like how you got everyone fooled into thinking this freehand you do is so small and tedious, when I know better. You shrink down in your ant man suit until its like painting on a normal sheet of paper. :P
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    @Oistene; insanity for sure

    @Digg; i wish I ad s suit!

    Been pushing off the shoulder pad, doing some touch ups and scouting for eventual touch ups. In other words, beating around the bush.

    Here fooling around

    Name:  IMG_8120 (2).JPG
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    Here we go, barely started the shoulder pad, here in it's infancy.

    Name:  IMG_8121 (2).JPG
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    Siiiiiiick !!!!

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    I erased most of it, I was not satisfy, this shoulder pad is giving me a lot of sweat!!! Yeah I am having a difficult pass, looks like my magic is slipping away from my fingers! I got to admit at this level painting with black is easier then with white/off-white so I do a lot of correction as well. I still don't know where the "insert curse word here" I am going with this, really nerve wrecking!!

    I decided to do cold and calculated freehand for a change of the free-freehand, I'll have to put some colors, textures, gems etc

    Name:  IMG_8122 (2).JPG
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    There will be a skull and a cross here

    Name:  IMG_8123 (2).JPG
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    I like where this is going I too find white a pain in the rear to freehand with, getting that perfect consistency where it flows well but covers well and accurately seems much harder with white (there's probably a scientific reason, or maybe we're crazy)

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    That space is probable 1 cm wide and high!!! Your a madman!!!

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    Blimey, looks awesome, I like the design on the shoulder pad, going a bit bigger has a made a nice contrast, it’s a cool design to

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    Thanks guys!

    Sick; I think it's because black pigments are more fine then white ones but who knows, I am not scientist.

    @Coyote: Yes bigger, I believe this area is going to be one focal points of the mini, with all the effort I will put!

    @BAM; a bit smaller to be exact

    Name:  IMG_8124.JPG
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    +/- 1mm skull

    Name:  IMG_8127.JPG
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    Tinny bit more progress, those white lines are just the beginning, like tracing.

    Name:  IMG_8128 (2).JPG
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