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Thread: Tero's New WIP

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    Very cool buddy, just found you on instagam only just joined lately myself. And here I am worrying about a ultramarine and crimson fist symbol and I have an entire shoulder pad to use!

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    @Canny; thanks bud!

    First step done

    Name:  IMG_8142 (2).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8143 (2).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8144 (2).JPG
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    Never fails to impress me just how well you paint that small. Superb stuff Tero, keep it up.

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    @Fox; thanks man! I got more!

    Small ink glazes to make it match the armor, not too much now because there will be more.

    Name:  IMG_8146.JPG
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    Some more tracing, this was child's play compare to the first lining, I will do more ink glazes and some gems in the small circles, tons of gems!

    Name:  IMG_8147.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8147 (2).JPG
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    that shoulder pad is looking exceptional so far Tero!!!! Ties in perfectly to the rest of the armour, yet stands right out, is going to look sensational when completed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaotic Creations View Post
    that shoulder pad is looking exceptional so far Tero!!!! Ties in perfectly to the rest of the armour, yet stands right out, is going to look sensational when completed...
    Thanks CC, my only concern now is the ultra saturated yellow freehand on red inside tabard, i am afraid it makes the mini looks like a clown? I am going to have to glaze something intelligent in there.

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    Nah not at all mate, the tabard looks brilliant!!! I wouldn’t worry about it, think you’ve been starring at those little squiggles too long lol

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    Agree with CC the whole thing looks ACE you’ve done it again!!!

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    Thanks guys! I did manage to de-saturated just a bit the yellow with a tinny pass of dark gray/green.

    Update of the shoulder pad

    Name:  IMG_8150 (2).JPG
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    Getting closer and closer to the finish line, finish shoulder pad and then something on the back tabard (still undecided) I just can't leave that whole space without freehand it's not consistent with the rest. Suggestion welcome!

    Name:  IMG_8152 (2).JPG
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    Good to see you painting again mate
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Here’s a suggestion - MORE FREEHAND!!! Lololol it looks fabulous NOW YOU HAVE YOUR OWN STULE- no one can beat that and how you do it yet!!! Back when you won your GD - if someone would have told me he’s going to be 3xs the painter he is in 20 years I would’ve said - better than now- but sure enough as right as rain you are a new TERO a better Teton doing the things that now are a stamp of your newest style - OSL and micro freehand(patterns and illustration)
    well I’ll be damned!!!! He did it... that crazy SOB did it!!!!hows it feel to be among the best in the world at what you chose to be the best at. I even seen your painting lingo evolve and how you talk about approaching these things in the realm of color theory . Desaturation Etc Etc. This is a dangerous time for folks competing against TERO!!!hes just soooo much better !!!! And I have a feeling the best has yet to be shown !!!

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    Hey ter seriously for the ideas and suggestions how bout some of those Greek hop lite patterns . You know those up/ down alternating square patterns .i think it’d fit nicely swirls/ squares and I know for a fact you can pull those patterns off with ease.

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    @Tenball; thanks mate I am happy to be here again!

    @BAM; I am the luckiest MOFO to have the best fan EVER!! Thanks bro! And remember, this is all because of you my friend!
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    I cannot say I did not do any freehand in the back tabard LOL Anyway the jet pack will hypnotize the viewer and the tinny skull act as a distraction

    Name:  IMG_8153.jpg
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    I am wrapping this one up, no gems nothing else, I think I made my point. I am drained and need a new project to be motivated. However it's important I finish this one up ASAP so tomorrow I am assembling Mr Emperor's Champion! I will do some touch ups brightest highlights on the metals and some more OSL where needed once assemble.

    Name:  IMG_8157 (2).JPG
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    I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for him to be finished Tero.

    I think the logical thing to do next is apply all the same tiny patterns to an Imperial Knight!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxtail View Post
    I think the logical thing to do next is apply all the same tiny patterns to an Imperial Knight!
    That's just cruel, but also awesome haha. Great work tero, an inspiration to all

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    looking so good, cant wait to see it finished.

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    This is why I believe in magic. BANGARANG BROTHER!
    My WIP -
    "Screw paint by numbers, that garbage is for kids. Paint by BAM, now that's the way to go
    ." -Me-

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    The shoulder armor looks amazing. Free-hand art. What kind of brush do you use 20/0? ;-)

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    Thanks a bunch everybody!

    @Graish; in this case it's a 2/0, what is important is a good point! Nothing else matter. I did my tome of dragons with a W&N series 7 #1.

    @Sick; not cruel it's called "Bohun"

    For the inpatients:

    The Time As Come

    Name:  IMG_8163 (2).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8166 (2).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8172 (2).JPG
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    Name:  IMG_8175 (2).JPG
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