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Thread: My order in the store has been processing for two weeks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey03 View Post
    I don't blame anyone who is upset with how this was handled or decides to never buy from the CMON store again. For me personally I just shrug my shoulders and realize the store is not the big money make for CMON and thus not a high priority. If they have another big sale next year, maybe I'll order stuff, maybe I won't. If I do, I'll expect the package to take 2 months and just accept that as the price for getting figures 80% off.
    A very adult attitude to take.
    Yes I too am a little ‘disappointed’ with aspects of this whole issue, but I’m not sat in Georgia, having to handle all this, so I don”t feel equipped to Rip into people without knowing ALL sides to the story.

    Having had to deal with some MAJOR SCREW UPS, in the past where people have dropped the ball for all sorts of reasons (Mental Breakdown, Depression etc...) I’m a little more ‘relaxed’ regarding when things go “Tits Up” and prefer to try to fix a problem.
    Wish I could have been there to help out, but hey ho!
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    ha feck it, its not the end of the world, build a bridge get over it...just dont order the parts from cmon lol.

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