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Thread: My order in the store has been processing for two weeks!

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    It's really easy to be patient now that Rising Sun is arriving today, lol. Looks like Rising Sun this week, Giant box of holiday sale next week, then Green Horde the week after that? Wow.

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    So color me surprised when I received a notification today that my order had shipped. However, upon checking the tracking number the USPS doesn't show as having the item. So I'm hoping it's just a delay on the part of USPS.

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    I'm assuming my order is following the first money in, last package out system. Fingers crossed i get shipping notification by Friday.

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    Still waiting for my confirmation... Growing less hopeful.
    On week 9 now.

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    Well, they said the backlog orders were hopefully going to be all processed by the 23rd.

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    26th, but I'll still be suprised if my 2nd order from middle dec is out before the deadline. (1st has arrived)
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    They send my order the 18th. The parcel seem to visit each US cities ... never saw that, from first to last : ALPHARETTA, GA -> MIAMI -> WEST PALM BEACH -> LOUISEVILLE, it like in super saving shipping mode via pigeon ... for an international order ...

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    11-27 and 12-14 orders, still processing on both. Others in my game group that ordered around 12-14 have at least received shipping notifications. I'm not in the slightest bit confident either of the these relatively small orders, 4 and 5 items respectively, will arrive in full.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dudkahuna View Post
    11-27 and 12-14 orders, still processing on both. Others in my game group that ordered around 12-14 have at least received shipping notifications. I'm not in the slightest bit confident either of the these relatively small orders, 4 and 5 items respectively, will arrive in full.
    I feel your pain. My 11-27 5 item order is still processing...

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    My Order was sent two days ago.

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    I am happy to let you all know my order changed from in process to complete today. Ordered on 11/27/17. All 10 items shipped. Will, I buy from the CMON store again? No, 8 weeks processing is ridiculous.

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    my order was submitted 19th of Nov 2017 and still nothing... but at least they have put a public notice advising about problems and apologising
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    Looks like my ridiculous box full of $163 of 80% off products is arriving tomorrow! This is a CMoN-filled week! If they have the same sale next year, I'll probably still go all-in, fully knowing it'd be a month or more before I see any of it. NBD!

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    Just got my shipping notice. At least according to the website everything I ordered should be in there. Looking forward it's arrival!

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    I canceled my order after it was processing for 2 weeks in the middle-ish of December, and they still haven't issued my refund for it. Never again.
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    I received the second of two orders made back in November yesterday, near the end of January. First was received the day after Christmas.

    One of the items in this order was not in the shipment. Everything on the invoiced was checked off with ballpoint pen except for that one, which just had an enigmatic "R1" written next to it. What is "R1" supposed to mean? I haven't received a refund for that item. I haven't received a refund notice. or any other explanation other than "R1".

    It's not hardly any money at all, but out of all the items in that order, that was the only one I was buying because I had specific plans for, as opposed to random interesting stuff I was snapping up because I might as well. In other words, the one item that actually mattered is the exact one they dropped the ball on.

    I'm not going to lie. I've been buying from CMON for ten years at least, and this will be the last time. They used to be a good, reliable shop, but for the last couple years things have been going downhill. Turnaround times on orders kept getting longer, then the customer service contact switched from email to some kind of obscure and inaccessible social media service. I get the distinct impression they're choosing to let the retail store die on the vine while they focus on kickstarter stuff.

    If you want to phase out the store, that in itself is fine, but every order you take is still a business obligation you are agreeing to. As long as you continue to solicit and accept orders, you are on the hook for them. The obligation to hold up your end doesn't stop whenever you stop wanting it: it stops when you stop accepting transactions and finish fulfilling the extant ones.

    The bad reputation garnered from the retail sloppiness is not separate from the kickstarter stuff. It hints at what the internal company culture is like, and indicates any given kickstarter could just as easily be subject to the same problems if they decide on a whim that it's too inconvenient.

    A rep coming here and trying to sweet-talk their way around a tacit admission that that they didn't want to hire the extra help, and an explicit admission that they they think screwing up orders by filling them in the wrong order is a professionally legit practice, is kinda gross. Sweet talk only makes things more reassuring when the content of the message is nominally reassuring in it's own right. Telling people that they should be reassured their order is being deliberately mishandled because doing it right is just so gosh darn inconvenient is the opposite of reassuring. It's like the semiotic equivalent of the uncanny valley.

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    no shipping notice for my order from the 27th Nov yet, sigh

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    My order from 11/27/2017 finally arrived Saturday. It was missing two discounted models (sad but whatever), the exclusive models listed as shipping with books (really sucks) and no sign of a refund for missing stuff. I can't find anyone to contact about this. Any suggestions? Their phone line is, as always, busy.

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    When this happened to me, I put in an online ticket and someone got back to me saying it takes around a week. But i had to request the refund.

    Out of curiousity, what was missing? (my online tracking says it shipped a small packet, but one of what i ordered is a larger box.)

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    I just got a notification on the 2nd pack... it takes about 4 weeks for it to get here.
    hopefully it will be everything I ordered.

    refund: I think you should open a ticket about it. For the first pack (sent dec5) it took almost 3 weeks to get the refund (refunded missing item automatically on dec 28, received the pack the same day a bit later).
    And if nothing moves: just open a problem at paypal (if you used it) or bank (if you payed with credit card) for the whole sum. That will probably speed things up.
    Not at experience with CMON (didn't have to try it here), but other companies who were too late/non-sending got pretty fast when the buyer protection of paypal was invoked.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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