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Thread: Swampys i will finish something thread

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    They do have some nice metalics though as I do like their black metal and speed metal paint.

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    Not mega progress but the golds are finished, hard to capture on an iphone but brown and black inks then highlights stippled on.

    next up is the furs, fecking hate painting hair and fur.
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    That helmet is top notch, love the work you did on it. Can't wait to see this one finished. I know what you mean about painting hair and fur, that is why I have avoided painting animals so far

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    You know my views on this- as a whole every part that gets finished is giving away a marvelous shape of what’s to ultimately come into fruition. Dynamite Metallics.

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    Excellent work on that helmet....actually looks like you've been sat there polishing it up from a tarnished state. Interested to see more on the process to getting it to look like that.

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    Thank you. Just used the scale 75 metals and inks for it. Necro gold through to the brightest then brown and black inks glazed on blacks only in the very darkest spots. Then the golds stippled on with a drybrush again.

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    I’ll echo the others on the metallics, really nice stuff. It’s got that really nice burnished gold look. Looking forward to more updates!

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