Hello everybody, i am a new player and during my first two games with hobsbawn in my team, a question came up:
If, for example, Hobsbawn fires the Nova Ray at a Minotaur but does not move, than activates Greensleeves with his special ability and greensleeves also attacks the Minotaur, how many reactions will the minotaur do?

a) Will the Minotaur react directly after hobsbawns attack and then again after greensleeves attack or

b) will the Minotaur react only once after Hobsbawn and Greensleeves finished their attacks?

Another question i have:
An Orc and a gob archer are 5 fields away from my Greensleeves and i shoot a range attack on the orc. Will the Gob archer react and shoot at me?

Thx in advance!