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    Default New big Wargame Verge of War!

    Hello friends! Did you ever imagine two legged shark in power armor serving the big headed alians? We did!
    Or did you were think that humans are genetically breeded for war by ancient race? We did!

    We are making the new big wargame colled Verge of War.
    It is a science fiction wargame were you can create your commander by using different combination of skills.
    All units in your army have a special skill that alow whem to change a course of battle.
    And the main thing it is perfectly balanced to allow the players the best experiens ever. And we are keeping a close eye on it.

    We have just started and have only two rases to present to you, but it is going to be big! Ten rases, huge galaxy, and a big war for survival and dominance.

    Some of our miniatures:
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    Be smart, be strong, and keep your biggest gun loaded.

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    Hello all again. Here is some concept sketch for our new models in "Pirate alliance"

    And also here is the first rules pack for the game. Humans army. Seit aggression force. Main rules.

    Feel free to play it, test it. For any feedback good or bad me as a leader of a rulesteam will be most grateful. Name:  boatswain.jpg
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    Be smart, be strong, and keep your biggest gun loaded.

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    Name:  IMG_3968.jpg
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    Be smart, be strong, and keep your biggest gun loaded.

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    Seit Council – Human Betrayal
    “Alright, Mary, we just listen,” said Nag calmly, “We listen and we don’t force our way in. You speak only when you’re spoken to, and when you do, do it clean and to the point. And get rid of that self-satisfied look on your face.”
    “Yessir”, the girl smiled vulturously.
    “And the main rule?”
    “We hide our thoughts,” Wasp recited the studied phrase, “and never show off our abilities.”
    “That’s a good girl”, replied Nag with no sign of any emotions.
    Two humans walked into the central fleet command chamber. Enormous Shork champions of the honor guard let them into the invasion’s brain center without any questions. The hall buzzed like a hive. Dozens of Seit discussed the plan’s final details. Several holomaps represented the theater of a future conflict. Nag and his apprentice crossed the hall ignoring everyone and walked up to the fleet commander, despot Ssyyld.
    “My lord,” said Nag.
    “Greetings,” replied the admiral briefly and returned to his counselors, “…so, considering the intelligence at our disposal, enemy forces are insufficient to conduct the planned research. I insist on delaying the offensive and taking time for thorough preparations. Possibly, we should conduct several sabotage actions.”
    Some of the Seit mumbled in approval, and Ssyyld looked at the human. The Seit was about one and a half meters tall, but it seemed like he looked down at Nag.
    “Of course,” the human ignored the gaze, “that’s where you’ll need me. We don’t want a full-scale conflict, just a test of force at a convenient location.”
    “That is correct,” nodded one of the critics, “but there are no ships of main classes in the designated sectors.”
    Nag smiled patronizingly:
    “Oh, they will be there. When the time is right. Did I ever let you down?”
    The human looked over the hall and everyone present. Seit hated him, most of all because they could not breach his mental protection and read his mind. Nag was far from adoring them too, those short wretches with gray withered skin, but he needed them, just as they needed him. It was time to share the plan’s details with the “allies”.
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    Be smart, be strong, and keep your biggest gun loaded.

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