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    Hello all,

    Been playing 40k since 2nd ed, and really haven't played in the last 5 years, real life caught up with me. Looking to unload most of my collection, Eldar, SM (Vanilla and Space Wolves), Dark Eldar, IG, Chaos SM (mostly Night Lords), Tyranids, Tau. Some painted, some primered, some stil in boxes and blisters. Heck I've been sitting on Armorcast Reaver and Warhound Titans and a metal Thunder Hawk Gunship.

    Each of these armies are in the 2500 -6000 point range. Besides the Trading Post here and EBay are there any other sale outlets I could use?

    I'm not looking on dollar for dollar returns, but I'm also not desperate to give stuff away, just seeing what other options are out there as I don't see returning back to the game.

    Thanks in advance for any and all input folks.

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    You could always check Craigslist, either search the "Wanted" section and see if anyone is offering to buy 40K stuff or post an add up on there as well. Or Recycler, LetGo, Decluttr, or some of the other sites that are eluding me for now. Also, you could check with local gaming stores to see if they are interested (they will probably just part it out) or see if they will let you post a "for sale" notice in their store. Also, I think you can post it up on Facebook if you have an account.

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    Have you tried Bartertown?

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    There are excellent buy/sell groups for 40K and AoS on Facebook.

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