GumbaFish's WIP [CC welcome and encouraged!]
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    Default GumbaFish's WIP [CC welcome and encouraged!]

    Hey all, first post here in the forums. I was a long time member of The Warhammer Forum and ever since The Glass Cabinet became a bit of a ghost town I've found myself without a forum to call home. As a result, I've noticed that I am less motivated to paint and don't push myself to try new things like I used to. I've decided this year that I would really like to paint more regularly and improve my skills so I thought I would start posting my work here to get some motivation and hopefully improve as a painter.

    With that said I always welcome helpful comments, critiques, suggestions etc... so please feel free to post constructive criticism. I'm currently juggling some Warmachine Khador, Guildball Blacksmiths, various Shadespire warbands and a few miscellaneous projects so I will bounce around between these. I'm hoping to add in some tutorials along the way if I am working on anything I think could be useful for people.

    I just finished up Steelheart's champions yesterday so here they are.

    Obryn the Bold

    Angharad Brigthshield

    Severin Steelheart

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    These are fantastic! Jaw dropping clean job! I am a bit like you I need forum to keep me going and gimme motivation, welcome in the nut house!

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    Very nice work
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Outstanding work on all of these guys... I especially like that blending on the shield, that looks absolutely amazing!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!!!

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    These are beautiful. Great choice of colours, and the variety of textures is so nice to look at. A breath of fresh air in comparison to the typically flat gold approach

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    Great cape too! love the texture. all round great job.

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    I’d echo everyone else, outstanding mini.

    In an attempt to try and provide some constructive critique, maybe have a look at glazing some different tones on to Severin’s face. If you shut your eyes and wish really hard, BaM might turn up with a handy picture guide.
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    What a great palette!
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    for the face from chin up grey glaze checks red glaze forhead yellow glaze. I have a pic some where. will post it tonight.

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    Thanks all! So Foxtail and Canny I'm trying to understand what you are suggesting and I want to see if I have it right. I have added one type of contrast in the face from light (the forehead) to dark (the chin) but you are suggesting that I add another level of contrast by varying from warm (the forehead) to cool tones (the chin)?

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    Hmm interesting, thanks for the tip I have never seen this before. Since skintones are something I have always struggled with, I'll definitely give this a shot.

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    Welcome to the forums. These are some beautiful minis.

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