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    Thanks for your thoughts Lone Lemming! I can look I might already have a tutorial on how I do the leather. Honestly it was something I stumbled on one time and maybe use as a crutch a little now that I see I do it so often =) I get a lot of comments on it though but it is actually very simple and fast to do.

    Here is a quick step by step (of course you don't need these exact colors)
    -Basecoat Vallejo Game Color Charred Brown (very dark brown)
    -Stipple all over with Coat d'arms Horse Tone Chestnut (warm dark ruddy brown)
    -Stipple Vallejo Game color Beasty Brown to begin defining the highlights (a lighter ruddy brown)
    -Stipple Vallejo Game Color Parasite Brown to further define the highlights
    -If you think you made things too bright then go back with Beasty Brown and tone things down some of the Parasite brown areas
    -If you want to define shadows a little more you can apply some dark brown wash/glaze. I personally use Ammo by Mig Streaking Grime which is an enamel product, but I use these a lot on other things anyways. I am sure an army painter or GW shade would work similarly.

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    Also I have painted a few more miniatures for Malifaux. I wasn't expecting to play this game but found that I am really liking the atmosphere the more I learn and am excited to start playing. These a refreshing change of pace for painting.



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    Those Malifaux minis are really well done, love the colour choices and effects you've achieved

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    Here are the next two malifaux minis. I am trying out some different backgrounds so the color looks different. I always struggle with how a miniature looks in my hand, vs. under lights for photography, vs. how it looks on the monitor (which also differs wildly). Any advice on how you select photos that are most representative of the piece in person are certainly welcome since I have never truly reached a point where I can do it consistently.


    Mechanical attendant

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    I guess I should show that both of these are conversions. The mechanical attendant is little but turned into a rather large project of replacing things and bending wires.

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    Nice job on the conversions and the painting! The weathering looks sweet

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    really nice work on those two! I can't believe those cacti are those bright fluorescent looking things

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    That is an impressive robot.
    And next time you could consider some freehand on that big shield

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