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Thread: [WIP] drtoful vs Zombies (Zombicide: Black Plague)

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    Default [WIP] drtoful vs Zombies (Zombicide: Black Plague)

    Hi all

    I started this new hobby some weeks ago and I wanted to share some progress.

    I got myself Black Plague some weeks ago (early Christmas present for myself :-)). I thought to myself, I could start painting those figures (although they also look good "naked"). So I went on this new thing that is called "Internet" and watched some Videos (most notable the series from Sorastro).

    First I had to stock up on some supplies. I got myself the Army Painter Zombicide Black Plague Set, the Army Painter Matte White Primer and the Quickshade "Strong Tone". After looking at the colors, I also bought some additional colors to be able to mix more colors with what I have. I also bought Vallejo Flat Yellow, Vallejo Azul Blue and Negro Black and Rotten White (also from Vallejo). With this I should be all set to mix some more colors. The local hobby shop also provided some starter brushes, so I was all set.

    So I picked one model from the box and started with that. This will be my patient zero :-)

    I gave it a good wash in soapy water and primed it with the white primer.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	01_zbp_patient0_primed.jpg 
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    Then followed some hours of adding some base colors to the model.

    Name:  02_zbp_patient0_base.jpg
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    For reference:

    Skin: AP Wolf Grey (looks more blue that grey, but hey what do I know. The model now looks more like a smurf than a Zombie.)
    Shoes: AP Necromancer Cloak
    Belt+Hat: 2:1 AP Leather Brown / Rotten White
    Dress: Elf Green
    - Ground: 2:1 Rotten White / Negro Black
    - Lines: AP Necromancer Cloak
    - Highlight 1: Rotten White
    - Highlight 2: 2:1:1 Rotten White / Negro Black / Flat Yellow
    - Border: AP Necromancer Cloak

    I find the Negro Black color a little bit watery. Almost like a wash. Does anybody have similar experience with that color?

    I think I spend about 3-4 hours on this. I hope I get faster, otherwise this could take a lot of time :-)

    The next step was washing the model (after waiting 2 days for the colors to fully dry).

    Name:  03_zbp_patient0_washed.jpg
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    After another waiting period I applied some varnish (got some from an arts+crafts store - seems to work fine enough). This is the finished product:

    I applied also some blood features. First I just used AP Abomination Gore, but it was way to bright. So I mixed together the Abomination Gore with some Negro Black (in a 2:1 ratio). Also applied some AP Bright Gold for the Eyes.

    Still looks like a Smurf though :-) I have to figure out a better mix of colors for the skin. I do not want to paint all Zombies in Plague Skin and I really liked the "blueish" color from the Sorastro videos. Maybe I mix some Azul Blue into a true grey (1:1 mix of white/black), or brighten up the Wolf Grey up with some white.

    Do you have any tips?

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    It's quite difficult to make out details on the smaller photos so I can't really comment there, but looks like you are off to a good start. I would suggest toning down the blue on the skin slightly. I would go about doing this by adding a small amount of either brown or orange to the colour. I tend to select colours via instinct rather than theory, so can't give specific advice on what colour to choose, but given the number of minis in the zombicide set try experimenting with a few different combinations (I'm currently Mid-way through painting a set up, and that's the approach I'm taking).

    I like what you are doing with the base. If you keep this consistent across all the zombies, you can have quite a lot of variety in the skin tones and styles of each paint job, and they will still look like a unified set.

    One last piece of advice - I wouldn't bother trying to paint the eyes on any but the fat zombies. The detail on the walkers especially is very small.

    I hope this advise is useful, and will look forward to seeing the results

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    Went ahead, primed some more models and tried mixing some colors together. This is the tone that I came up with now. A bit less smurfy. Need to finish basecoating and washing to see if its the color I want.

    Name:  IMG_0986.jpg
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    welcome to the hobby

    the new mix looks a goo place to hi light up from

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    Welcome to the hobby and the forum. Take your base coat and mix in a pale skin color and use this to highlight your skin with possibly a final 100% highlight with a pale skin color. Generally using a standard skin color mixed in will help sell it as skin, especially after washing it as you are doing.

    BtW Sorastro has a WIP here in the game specific section of the forum under Zombicide.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, I know the tutorials from Sorastro and I watched his videos. But replicating the same effect is a different story :-) So I finished basecoating and shading the models and that is what came out. I thinned my paints a bit more to test out its effect on the model. At least they don't look like smurfs anymore.

    Name:  IMG_0994.jpg
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    The whole highlighting stuff is still a little bit hard :-) I need to train some more on some other models with bigger areas first.

    I'm also not that fully happy with the way I apply the Quickshade. Need to try some other things too.

    Continuing with some more models. I'm going for more contrasting colors this time.

    Name:  IMG_0991.jpg
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    So I was shopping :-) I found some really nice crates (in 2 different sculpts) for cheap. So I have something I can try out some stuff because they only will use 1 color so I don't have to take care about staying within the lines, so I can concentrate more on the techniques. Also trying out some better photo-techniques.

    Name:  IMG_0997.jpg
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    Lucky for me, these crates come pre-primed. I still gave them a wash. In total there will be 40 crates. Like it's not that I have enough zombies to paint.

    Name:  IMG_0996.jpg
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    I did some blending of the base color with a darker shade on the bottom and some lighter shade on top. I think I have to apply a bit more on the top layer.

    Name:  IMG_0998.jpg
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    So that is the result after applying the quickshade. They're looking already nice. I will try out the "Deep Shade" that comes with the zombicide paint set, to see the difference.

    Name:  IMG_0999.jpg
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    And then I f**-ed them up :-) I applied a drybrush on all of the crates. Still have to get the ratio of paint right. I cleaned the brush very thorougly and on my hand there was very little visible when testing but sometimes it was still too much. On some sides it looked better. On the leftmost crate I tried some edge-highlighting. Boy did that go wrong :-) On the middle crate I tried it again. It looks a bit better, but in total a bit to light. Looks like a chest that was forgotten for a long time in a salty sea. The rightmost I did not touch (only drybrushing). The drybrushing already applies some edge-highlighting, so maybe I'm not going to bother doing one myself. But I wanted to try it out.

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    Try a couple levels of dry brushing. Remember that the paint should be a tad thicker for dry brushing than for normal painting for smooth blends. Put the paint on the brush and then whipe off on a white paper towel until you can just barely see any color coming onto the towel. Then dry brush the crate.

    So for your crate after the base coat and the wash, I would DB with the base coat. Then add some white or skin tone to the base color and DB that. Then add more of the light tone for a final DB. Each subsequent DB should leave less paint on the paper towel than the previous application. Those look like the hirst art type crates, which I have been using a filbert type brush about a half inch across for dry brushing. With this size i generally do not need the edge highlight, but sometimes a few spots might need it.

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