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    Finally got to finish all the Wolfz.

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    Also started on one of the remaining survivors of the Paolo Parente Box: Sköll. Although I don't like the artwork much of him, the model looks nicer so I gave it a go. It was also an opportunity to try out the new purple color :-) Mixed it in with some flesh color. I'll have to wait and see how it looks like after I apply some flesh wash.

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    EDIT: better resolution for pictures
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    Finished the base for the Sköll Figure.

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    Only issue I see is that the Light-Brown Armor is almost indistinguishable from the gold armor pieces.

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    Not a bad start. You could remedy the armour/gold problem with the tones you use from here. If you shade the gold with blue/purple and tint the armour towards the red with the shades and highlights it'll keep the visually distinct.

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    It seems to be on theme to ressurect this thread from the dead. So I managed finishing all the Zombies from my copy of Black Plague and Wulfsburg. Only the heroes are remaining. Only took me 1.5 years to do so, but now I see that it will come to an end. Just in time before my KS pledge for Invaders comes (oh well).

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    There's quite a variance in quality in the bunch. Also some wild color-schemes. What I was unhappy about, was during all that time it took me to finish these, the Quickshade gone bad on me. It started to dry up and there was some sort of "shell" on top of the shade. There was still shade under it and it mixed right, but boy did it come on wrong. You may be able to spot some of the ones that had gone badly. They really look muddy (so thats what I called that batch). I also had the same problem with the Abomination (see later) and I first thought I ruined it, but I was able to rescue it. With the canon fodder I didn't care as much so I let them be. The last batch I had to wash with the Strong Tone Wash from Army Painter to get about the same coloring. All in all you shouldn't see a difference so thats okay.

    I'm also glad to get rid of that stuff. It was just too nasty and for the future I try to stick to normal washes.

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    So with the Necro I tried to get out some more highlight action on his robe again. I'm still not there yet but I think I'm improving. I also spend quite some time on the details to pop. Again I tried to follow Sorastros videos.

    And now for the mini I'm currently the proudest of:

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    I think I did good on the muscle highlighting. Here you can see on the base and a bit on the feed how dark and muddy the Quickshade got on me and I was happy to get the end-result I have now. The face is a bit off, because I didn't use the correct wash to correct it, but I leave it as is for now.

    I also spend some time "coloring" the game boards (because that brownish color is just so ugly).

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    Luckily I've got some spare ones (from Wulfsburg) because I had to first figure out on how to paint all of it. I first used some primer I found at the hardware store (because I only had a white spray-on primer at that time). Seemed good enough but the primer was way too thick and sticky. Then I primed it with white and tried to paint everything black around it. But in the end, black primer and then painting in all the color on it, was way better so I finished 6 of these.

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    Nice horde you have going and the dashboard looks 100% better than the original.

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    I finally managed to finish the last survivors in the core box. That concludes the two main boxes from black plague. I think I'm getting better now in highlighting in at least the robes of stuff. Particularly happy on how Nelly turned out. I'm using a mixture of layering and wetblending to get it done. Still unsure about how to highlight metallics efficiently. And I still don't do the eyes.

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    End of a project is just the start of another project right? So I got my kickstarter pledge of Invader. Just some 300+ minis to paint. This project took me 2 years with only the base set. So how long is Invader going to take? Oh well. I googled around a bit to find a color scheme that looked okay. I found some, where there was a video or some description, but they all started with some sort of bluish base tone (some even suggested going Wolf Grey from Army Painter). Looking back at my very first mini I painted, that was also Wolf Grey, I wasn't particularly fond of that idea.

    After some tinkering and thinking, I think I found a good color scheme, that is really easy to paint. Since the Xenos in Invader don't have different colors (as in the Black Plague one, to give them each an individual set of clothing), I hope to be able to faster paint all the xenos.

    I started with the workers, this is what I've got so far.

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    I primed them in Vallejo Grey Primer. Together with Agrax Earthshade it get's to a tone that is close to the artwork I think. The grey is more on the colder side, so it should hold up. For the arms, I glazed some Vallejo Rosy Flesh on, to get a smooth transition from the grey to the hands. The darker flesh parts is Vallejo Tan. The head is Vallejo Bonewhite. I then washed the whole mini with Agrax Earthshade (thinned down a bit). It looks pretty reasonable and everything is painted on fast (except those pustules or whatever take ages to find them all and dap color on it).

    I'm now deciding on how and what I want to highlight. Maybe I don't invest too much more into them, as they're just cannon-fodder.

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    So I finished the Xeno Worker. I didn't do much highlighting. I cleaned up some spotty shade on his upper thighs and gave the tentacles a barely noticeable "edge highlight" (if you can call it that). Then I based it and called it a day. Probably don't want to invest too much time in these minis, as I have to paint so many of them. But they look decent.

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    Speaking of many minis. I spent a weekend cleaning all Workers (base game + the kickstarter extra sculpts) and primed them to be ready to mass produce them. I started with 5 individuals and see if I can reproduce the same results as above. If so I then go into full on mass production mode.

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