so I have an idea for rum and bones second tide. how bout an ape and monkey crew? the brute would be a gorilla of course and the captain could be a monkey with a big captains hat. maybe a chimp with two pistols for gunner.
Here are some crew names.... "Simian swashbucklers".."Seamonkeys" ... "primate plunderers". okay not the best names but it would be a good fit for the series! give a monkey pirate a fling poo power and the gorilla could use a big anchor to knock the others off the boat instantly (but penalize if you miss of course don't want OP ability) the chimp could use two guns for a free attack but make it a bit harder to hit with. oh and a banana peel attack to slip up enemies and knock them off the side of the boat (they could have a knock off boat angle at this rate) and give them a bonus to rigging checks. finally how bout an ape who throws exploding barrels *ahem* donkey kong style!