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    Hello guys, can you recommend a good quality brush for painting large guys like larger Tyranid creatures?

    Lot of information online about what to use when painting smaller guys but not much about larger minis. At least not much I could find.

    Researched filberts, flat, angled, etc... sable, synthetic.... Not sure what brand, size, and type to use for painting my Trygon and Tervigon. W&N makes a flat kolinsky sable but not sure this is the best to use.

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    but to be honest:
    - 1 larger, size 4-6 flat/round CHEAP sable for basecoating large areas. Here you don't need a really good brush, just a large enough to cover the surface quickly.
    - 1 normal, size 0-2 round sable (WnN7 and Co.) for detail work / Edges / controlled washes / glazes / etc.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Maybe something like one of these? Flat or Filbert?

    These are Pure Red Sable brushes, about $12 USD

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    Winsor and Newton has a line of mixed sable and synthetic brushes called Scepter Gold II.

    I have found them to be pretty inexpensive, but far, far longer-lasting than the sort of synthetic sable craft brushes one can pick up in multipacks.

    I use them as my workhorse brushes, saving the kolinsky sables for the finest details and smoothest blends. Rounds and filberts are my favorite shapes.

    The really cheap brushes, well, I mix paint with them and use them to wipe away errors.

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    Thanks Pymalion.

    What size you use and where you get them? I did a search online but can't find that they make a Filbert in that line.

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    My apologies. I forgot my filberts are not Sceptres.

    I use the W&N Sceptre Gold II series 101 (they have a larger belly than the 202s and can hold more paint). Lately I’ve almost exclusively been using size 2s.

    The Sceptre size 2 is close to a Series 7 kolinsky size 1.

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    I don’t know what part of the world you’re in, but for art supplies in the US Dick Blick is a reliable mail-order source.

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    yep, ordered from them before. Did you get your Filberts from them as well? What brand and size you use? I am looking for a Filbert for base coating.

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    I am still working through a vast stash of inherited sable filbert brushes originally bought dating to the George Bush Senior years, so they may no longer be representative of what the companies are making.

    That said, I am using Manet, Raphaël, and Italian Art Store brands with hairs in red sable, “Kevrin”, and some kolinsky.

    Sizes vary a lot from brand to brand and line to line. For me for minis a filbert with a ferrule 3mm to 4mm wide seems to work well. That ought to be a size 3 or 4, but you never can tell. For priming I prefer a brush 6mm to 8mm wide.

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    You could always try this place:
    It is based in the UK and only mail order, but they have a pretty extensive range. Shipping will be a little more if you are US based

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    i like the windsor newton series 7 size two for covering larger areas.

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