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    You have leveled up quite a bit my man!!!

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    Really great work on the Blightlord and his steed. Looks like you are really enjoying painting up all the Nurgle figures

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    Guys, thank you so much for the kind words and support!
    Truly appreciated. Eki is totally right, I’m really enjoying
    to make my Nurgle army grow

    Current WIP: Kitbash Harbinger of Decay and some tentacles:

    Name:  B9D4228F-D556-4ABD-9003-409FE8C0DCCC.jpeg
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    Little update. The Harbinger is done :-)

    Name:  Harbinger Stapel 1.jpg
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    The tentacles needed to step back into the queue... one of my buddies provided me a kit-bashed great unclean one.
    I've modified him a bit (added the tree, a big tentacle on his left shoulder and filled all gaps). Now he is ready for priming.
    I told my kids, that this is now "Uncle Nurgle", as Papa is already within the army :-D

    So this will be my new project to deal with:
    Name:  Uncle Nurgle.JPG
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    More spawns! Would be nice to see a family photo some day

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    Basic layers are done. The fun is about to start:

    Name:  2458A896-C73E-4A29-994E-B4865AA30F86.jpeg
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    That is a fantastic looking model, I can tell you are having fun with it!

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    We‘re at 90% ... to be finished soon:
    Name:  54D7E4C8-8FE9-466C-AB05-F431A08E31CA.jpeg
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    Great pose for the figure. Really nice job on this Graisak, I really like the horns and that yellow hood really stands out.

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    Thanks Eki. I tried to keep that yellow colouring to clothes, as I did already for my Blightkings... so kind of "uniform" :-)

    FYI: It was really fun to create a kind of "plagued tree". Sick at the bottom, kind of still ok on the top.

    Uncle Nurgle is ready to rumble:

    Name:  Uncle Nurgle 1.jpg
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Size:  912.5 KBName:  Uncle Nurgle - Collage.JPG
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Size:  171.2 KBName:  Uncle Nurgle 2.jpg
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    great job on this figure and base. The tree does look really cool with the green decay on it and the nurglings sitting on it.

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    I like what you done on the base! The eggs are great idea!

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    Thanks gents!
    After that big guy I‘m now back to do battleline units. Btw... I'm proud to see him showing up today in the remarkables section.

    The next batch of Blightkings is in progress:

    Name:  F302B35C-C803-4685-9F4B-87DD69E43C67.jpeg
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    Last edited by Graishak; 02-02-2021 at 01:15 PM.

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    Moving things forward. 1/5 ready!

    Name:  64105B7F-36C4-4418-8DF0-9B6072761A24.jpeg
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    This is some awesome work Graishak! I love Uncle Nurgle, the way that dark yet shiny orb of an eye peeks out from underneath the rotting cloth is super cool.
    The whole piece is stunning!

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    Good work man! I have purchased Biologus and Lord of Virulence so stopped by for some tips

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    Hi guys,
    I‘m doing a short Nurgle break and pushed a mini in, which was sitting for
    a long time on shelf: The ice queen

    Trying to practice a bit freehand. Here’s where I am so far:

    Name:  E55969C5-3B68-4F70-B47C-3B7E6B8C8529.jpeg
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    The snow flakes and stars look really good Graishak

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    Thanks gent's ... trying to improve my freehand skills... but my slow hands seem to be on vacation :-P
    The queen is done:

    Comment from my wife: Oh, that is cute... not like the nasty stuff you're usually doing *lolz*
    Now... returing to the "nasty stuff" ^^

    Btw. one last vote for uncle nurgle is missing to hit the 50 votes threshold. Anyone who didn't vote yet, please hit the button - thanks :-)

    Name:  Ice Queen -Stapel.jpg
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    Last edited by Graishak; 02-09-2021 at 11:53 AM.

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