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Thread: Graishak WIP

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    Very cool conversion... looking forward to seeing how you go with this one. Will be a very unique piece when it’s done.

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    Small interruption of my Skeletor project...
    started the sepulchral guard.

    Ready for some votes:

    Name:  92F17B1D-1889-4ABD-B4D4-12805ABECFD7.jpeg
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    The giant is great, and the skelly guard has some great color combinations to it!

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    Really like the use of blue on this one, gives it that glowy spectral look to it!

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    I always enjoy visiting your thread because I know I'm going to see Vampires or Death minis, Graishak! The new skeleton looks great and I look forward to seeing some updates on Skeletor too

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    Thanks all. Happy, that you like my color scheme.

    Meanwhile in Snake Mountain:
    Name:  690B03DB-C9E7-424D-97DD-110076619A11.jpeg
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    Moving forward...
    Name:  B07C2764-7B3A-4480-83F5-A2042C48D5AF.jpeg
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    Reaching 80%
    Any suggestions?
    Name:  E83F5E01-3F39-4EB8-9BF1-90F2503D6D76.jpeg
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    Last edited by Graishak; 08-07-2019 at 06:26 PM.

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    Skelotor looks good and really liking the wood on the base. Maybe change the color of the staff head (you have a lot of purple going on already) and maybe a highlight on the wood

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    Point taken. Wood highlights are on the plan
    As the original is very purplish, the domination
    of this colour is on purpose...
    But I’ve added some light grey to the panther.
    Name:  6297E008-E045-4138-9589-F017ED668644.jpeg
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    Tonights work ended here:
    Name:  7AD441B0-337A-4291-91CB-6DF6C2564027.jpeg
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    The lighter purple on Skeletor does now differ
    from his mount. The saddle will keep me a bit longer busy...

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    Nice going Graishak, can't wait to see it finished.

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    Sweet project. I think a bit more highlighting would help things stand out a more clearly.

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    Hi all, been working through some detail work and more highlighting. To my mind, I'm now finished with this little project.

    Here he is:

    Name:  Skeletor - Lord of Evil.JPG
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    @Eki: I know a lot of purple :-)

    What's next? The remaining members of the Sepulchral guard.
    Afterwards I need to build up the Coven throne... so there won't be any time to be bored at all ^^

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    ​Completely kick ass.

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    I feeling love this

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    Great job on Skeletor! I know Skele is always purple and the panther as well. Meant staff is usually a grey or bluish and not the purple.

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    Awesome work Graishak, very nice! Yes a lot of purple, but it is nicely offset by the green.

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    Thanks all. After crosschecking with my local GW store
    I‘ve received permission to put Skeletor onto my AoP board

    Five hours construction work are finished. Here the result:
    Name:  512EE87D-950D-485D-9793-8CAEFEDED1BB.jpg
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    Priming + spectral shading done.
    Challenge to use two colours for priming taken.
    Name:  4E25BE25-9CBE-417D-B2E0-ECC5F6A99FE4.jpg
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