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Thread: Graishak WIP

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    Thanks guys.
    Fiery (boy) and Pinky (girl) are progressing.
    Feeling confident, to get them finished this weekend.
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    Sunday night: We‘re at 95%
    Any last suggestions?
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    Hi ! Nice job ! Perhaps you can push the highlights on the gums and on the ends of the metal parts, it will bring more contrast in my opinion. It sounds like a big party at the top, I love it !

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    The job is done ;-)
    Loaded to gallery:

    I've worked on highlighting metals and gums like suggested and put some varnish to tongue and gums, too.
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    The next challenge is already waiting for me in the pipe: Loonboss on giant squig (Looncurse mini).
    Following the recommendation of my wife to make this one a "greeny" squig (including some yellow elements).
    WIP to come soon...

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    Well done! it brings out the jaw, it's a good thing for squigs . Great stuff.

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    This looks super cool Graishak! That tongue is awesome. You've got some great contrast with the teeth and the little spikes on the back.

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    Really nice job on these Graishak! I can see the improvement you have made in this short amount of time! Great job.

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    That's a fantastic job Graishak, well done. The red one looks like it's just exploded out a volcano or something!

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    Hey guys, thanks for that kind feedback.
    @Sigmar: your comment reminded me on a meat loaf song.
    “out of the frying pan, into the fire“ ... since three days bat out of hell 2
    playing in my car

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    Starting on the details...
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    Looks like a good start ! The colors of the tongue and the squig's skin fit together very well.

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    Great looking batch of squish’s you’re cooking up!

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    I looove that color combo

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    Ditto to what's been said so far regarding the color combo. I like the tones of green on your most recent squig - very vibrant!

    WIP Thread

    Have Tips for My Photo-Taking Skills?

    "I wonder if there's beer on the sun."

    - Zap Rowsdower

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    That tongue again, it looks great Graishak! It contrasts so well with the green, like everyone else says.

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    Those manglers turned out great! those squig models are so characterful.

    Great start on the new one too

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    Nice start on the Green Squiq! That is going to be a great colorful bunch you have when you are done

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    Hi guys,
    thanks for the feedback.
    Indeed I'm intending to build up a colourful army with those squigs.
    Will do the hoppers and bounderz in the same scheme, like used for the bosses.

    As tomorrow is match-day, I've put the hoppers together and tried to finalize the green one.
    Not yet done, but we're at 85% so to say - see enclosed:
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    By the way - traffic on this page is decreasing. Recognizing, that we're having constant/growing attendance in the forum,
    the number of votes on pictures is going down...

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    This gonna be a colorfull army indeed. Nice job!

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