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    Great job on Mollog! Only suggestion I have is maybe add a gloss varnish on the green pool at his feet to really sell the effect that it is a toxic puddle.

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    Did you add any varnish at all on him? he looks so clean and maybe he might be satin varnished or some thing?. Just wondering if i should do that so i can do the same as you.

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    I applied gloss varnish to the pit and his nose (stuffy).
    Potentially the light for the picture was suboptimal.
    Anyways I‘m going to add another layer to the pit.

    My mailorder arrived, so I spent some time to
    assemble this beast:

    Name:  4E7D4F6A-6DCB-4347-B273-25E58E4C6A11.jpeg
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    So you are going to tackle the Squiggoth now huh! Looking forward to this one!

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    This weekend I pushed a smaller mini in front of the colossal squig: A Boingrot Bounderz boss. This guy was sitting on my desk for weeks, just with basic layers on it.
    Here's the result:

    Name:  Boingrot Bounderz Boss.JPG
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    Let's see, if I'm now starting the big guy or finding some smaller things in between to have faster progress. I'm undecided so far.
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    Dang that was lighting fast! Really nice job on this figure, I really like that blue squiq

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    The colors on your Bounderz boss are really nicely done! And I'm really excited to see that squiggoth get painted. Such a monstrous beast, and one I'm sure you'll do justice.

    WIP Thread

    "I wonder if there's beer on the sun."

    - Zap Rowsdower

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    Thanks both, appreciated

    Basic layers are on the beast.
    Now the fun is beginning...

    Name:  8815E998-BF79-4654-A945-649C5EC67F43.jpeg
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    Ncie start on it, that base looks really nice too.

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    After receiving some feedback of Dragonsreach regarding the quality of my pictures, I did now the first "foto-box-shooting" with a mini I recently painted.

    Here is the guy:

    Name:  Gobbo Boss.JPG
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    Now I get back focus on my Colossal Squig ;-)

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    Picture looks a little better than your Boingrot one, except for that one on the far right (a little too dark)

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    Nice start on the squig. I really like Boingrot and the texture on the face of the troll is sweet!

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    Some progress on the beast:
    Name:  92EFF49D-3A25-43D5-9C08-82A828D30D49.jpeg
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    Holy shit graish!!!!!!

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    Moving towards 90%...
    Feeling confident to get him finished in the next days.

    Name:  AFAAFC98-D86F-43F5-A02A-A0CF1F2C1A64.jpeg
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    Any suggestions I should consider?
    Planning to do a bit more lighter green on the nose,
    some diluted white to the stones and claws and teeth
    to get some more colour.
    Thinking about adding some crystals to the base.

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    The work is done :-)
    Proudly presenting my Colossal Squig. My he smash my enemies on the tabletop!!!
    As usual loaded:
    Hoping to have a new best score with that work... let's see ^^

    Name:  Colossal Squig.JPG
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    On fantastic Graishak, it's a work of art. What will you call the littl.... Big critter??

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    Nicely done! But what is that sticking out of its upper right leg?

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    I've missed a couple of your posts, but nice work recently! The photos do look better with your new setup. Man the Colossal Squig is so scary compared to the other playful little ones you've been working on haha.

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