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    Horrible, and I mean that in the best possible way Lovely!

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    Thanks a lot Chris - appreciated.
    Last night I finalized this horrific tree:

    Name:  Garden of Nurgle.JPG
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    A nice project got finished meanwhile. One of my buddies is having a huge Zombicide collection, so we decided to paint up the characters, we're usually playing.
    Here's my favorite: Johannes

    Name:  Johannes.JPG
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    Next conversion project. My personal Lord of Plague

    Name:  D6873C87-9884-4132-8F28-5ABBBBBB43AA.jpeg
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    Lord of Plague conversion = done ;-)
    Merry Christmas everybody!

    Name:  Lord of Plagues.JPG
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    Few hours are left for 2021. Radukars Court is done :-)

    Name:  Radukars Court - Stapel_small.jpg
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    Wow, Graishak you are supremely productive! This is an incredible amount of work and you are improving with every step dude. This last group of figures especially look super cool.

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    Yep the amount of minis you put out is frightening.
    I like the plague lord best though. The contrast on the skin looks really good and I also like the overall definition.
    Although contrast and definition on the two guys with the turquoise/bluish cloaks is really up there as well. The other minis in the group look good as well and they fit well together but the two mentioned stick out a bit in a positive way.

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    Thanks guys - appreciated. Indeed, the turquoise guys were my fav's as well in Radukar's court.
    In the meantime I finished as the first project in 2022 a custom Rogue Idol... this task was already sitting a while on my desk...

    Here's the result:

    Name:  Rogue Idol - small.jpg
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    After finishing the Rogue Idol, I remembered a lot of Orruks, which are begging for attention in the closet. So I picked a unit of Brutes and decided on a new colour scheme.

    Here's the first one:
    Four more are waiting to be painted.

    Name:  Brute.JPG
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    Brutes in progress:

    Name:  F66227D1-B50E-4A6E-BDDB-58A5CFB5F471.jpeg
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    Oh yeah buddy you e been so busy knocking epic paintings out of the ballpark.sweet work.

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    Outstanding productivity.

    I particularly like that Rouge idol. Is it a 3D print.?

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    Thanks guys :-)
    To your question Mike - nope - no 3D print.
    All scratchbuild: Polystyrene, bitz, surfacer and a lot of basing material ;-)

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    The Brute colorscheme looks awesome dude!

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    The unit is completed
    So first milestone reached in 2022

    Coming up next: Wonderwoman (Zombicide) and an old Ushabti are queued...

    Name:  Brutes 2022 stapel_small.jpg
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    The next Zombicide evening is coming soon. So I paused the Warhammer stuff to insert wonderwoman:

    Name:  Princess Ayla.JPG
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    WIP is currently with some old Ushabtis, which were stored too long in the box of shame.
    They're now stripped off, will be based soon and then painted.

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    That sword on the Nurgle Lord is amazing mate, well done! I love the rest of it as well, but that for me is what really stuck out!

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    Thanks mousekiller. Was a nice experiment to do the blade of the Nurgle Lord.

    Meanwhile - the pile of shame reduction measures are progressing.
    Below the Ushabti Unit #1 is now done (the one on the left was already done three years ago) - now the triple is completed:
    Name:  Ushabti-small.jpg
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    The unit #2 will be in classic Khemri style, but I'm not sure, when I'm going to tackle these.
    Next one in the queue for now is the Herold of Nurgle.
    Name:  6DB17489-D386-4C51-B68F-758B3A7732C5.jpeg
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