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Thread: Graishak WIP

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    Very cool -ingenious!!!!

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    I wish all would already look like this

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    That's one down, and he looks great! Keep going, you'll finish them!

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    Work in (further) progress:

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    Nice Graishak those Goblins look awesome.

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    The paintjob on those is really good! I also really like the shield design.

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    They’re sitting here now at 80%
    So happy to have the yellow part through.

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    That is a lot of yellow there! They are looking really good though.

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    ​Good looking band of gobbos. Incredible how fast you got em painted up!

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    A ton of work went into this brother- great display of prowess!!!

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    Good work
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    nice work graishak. really nice tidy detailing.
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    It took long, it was cumbersome, but I love the result.
    My 30 shootaz have now 30 Stabbas supporting my gloomspite forces :-)

    As usual, for those who wanna leave a vote and/or comment:

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    What's next?
    Well my own crafted netgiz are waiting for some care - I'd say it is now time for this ^^

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    Ah well done Graishak they look great. Really excellent end product, I admire your will power to get them all done

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    The Stabbas look really good! And that is one heck of a Goblin army you have put together so far! Looking forward to seeing the netgitz, how many of them are you going to be painting up?

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    Very very awesome looking goblins, congratulations!.

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    nice job graishak, they look fantastic
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

    My Instagram - where I post pictures every now and again

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    Thanks guys!

    @Eki: Three I have crafted so far.
    Here the first one:
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