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Thread: Graishak WIP

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    Troggots assembled!

    Name:  A9930187-F627-445E-8F0C-4890C500239C.jpeg
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    the terrain board is looking great. cool to see you are doing river trolls next. I love those models. I painted one a while back. looking forward to seeing what you do with them
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    Creative Saturday:
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    Bored looking great bud.

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    ​I like that big skull thing!

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    Thanks guys

    That skull thing is currently in focus to get Grot-Touch.
    I was inspired by a Halloween decoration skull to use it
    for this year’s board.

    Name:  1A32ADFD-899E-4B43-AFFD-AC03C45A4D15.jpeg
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    This looks great Graishak! Like something from a pirate island

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    I interrupted my board activities to do a little fun project.
    Found some super 7 motu minis on the web and based them:
    Name:  08A94236-5186-45F0-AC29-09A15E74206D.jpeg
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    Trap Jaw is already done:
    Name:  F624CAC4-3121-4446-B07F-D1D507E63C94.jpeg
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    To be followed by Beast Man soon

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    Lololol classic ol nastalgia !!!!

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    Beast Man in da house:
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    Those three are done. More to come. Per mail order Kobra-Khan, Stinkor, Evilyn, Tri-Klops, Mer-Man and Spikor are on their way.
    As I was basing those guys on 40mm round-bases, those could be on the gaming board counting as Orruk-Brutes (I think that fits ;-) ).

    For those, who like to vote:

    Name:  IMG_2178.JPG
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    Woah...they are blast from the past! definitely one for those of us of a certain age! Awesome

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    Thanks guys :-)
    Meanwhile the remaining Evil Warriors have arrived at my home and are in preparation. In order to use the time best, I've finished
    the Fellwater Troggoth #1 in the meantime :-)

    Name:  Fellwater Troggoth.JPG
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    Last night finished:

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    Really love these retro looking minis.

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    Evil Warriors on the run ;-)
    Now 7/10 are finished. The recent 4 ones published here:

    Name:  Evil warriors - small.jpg
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