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    Nice work mate! I can't wait to see all your squig hoppers together, it'll look impressive!
    If I may suggest something, did you plan to apply some light glases on your squig skin? I think it will enhance your work.

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    What kind of glazes do you mean?
    Any particular manufacturer? I‘m interested in trying this out.

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    I only know citadel paints, and their shade paints work very well, some people also use the new contrast paints. But the majority of miniature paints will do the job I guess. About the process, I suggest you to dilute the glase with water, and to take a few with your brush to avoid accumulation/stains on your mini. About the color, it depends of the targeted result : perhaps you could do some tests on another mini with different colors (blue, brown, green...)
    Here is an instructive video from Darren Latham about glazes, it shows very well process and result :
    Anyway have fun !

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    You can also use the inks from Scale 75, Army Painter or others to make glazes. GW used to have glazes but discontinued them when they brought out the contrast paints although I believe you can use the contrast paints with either the contrast medium or lahmiam medium (can't remember which one exactly) to make glazes, but I haven't tried it yet so can't verify it.

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    I‘m already using the GE inks, but will buy today some of these
    contrast colours. Sounds like a nice idea.

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    Loot of today’s store visit:

    Name:  B2BA8019-FC22-47D7-A71E-EB578A22EF2A.jpeg
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    GW actually did a YT video about ( so I hope you bought some of the Technical Contrast Medium as well if you wanted to use them for glazes.
    One thing about those contrast paints, if you use them to paint your minis, don't use them on larger models that have flat surfaces as they don't work as well. Your big squiqs probably would be okay as they have a bit of texture, but the panels on dreadnaught don't look as good with it.

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    Loonboss on cave squig finished :-)
    Tried to do some glazing effects on the mushrooms. Will give those a bigger try, once starting with my Squig Hoppers. Those fellas are already
    assembled, and are now waiting for some basing and priming.

    Here, as usual, the link:

    Name:  Loonboss on Giant cave Squig.JPG
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    Nice work again Graishak ! The color of your mushrooms goes well with the squig. How do you feel about this experiment of glaze ?

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    Excellent work again, loving all the squigs so far.

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    Thanks guys.

    @Kallfa: Glazing will now be included in the paintwork!

    Prior to move on with the Squigs, I will work on below small
    conversion. As Gloomspite Gitz have a bad moon rising to the
    battlefield, I‘ve put one onto a flying base:
    Name:  6EE4D06C-3160-4B2B-B362-DE5BFF94FC2E.jpeg
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    Bad moon rising...

    Name:  FE556BE6-D725-41A3-B884-49E879E1C7F0.jpeg
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    Done! 1 hour left prior to the match.
    Name:  94A46818-FEA1-434A-80F6-A739B708201A.jpeg
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    Great productivity Graishak. I am really liking your undead from a few pages back.

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    Nicely done Graishak! Hope the match went well.

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    @Eki: Beastclaw Riders were ruling on the board. My Gitz lost...
    @Krule: Thanks, my undeads are currently on hold.
    @Lemming: Happy to inspire you

    My next project: Custom Loonshrine!

    Name:  9DA864EE-19B2-4DA5-B458-BA564F891465.jpeg
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    This flying moon is a great idea ! And your loonshrine already have a nightmarish look. You make me want to create mine later .

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