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Thread: Graishak WIP

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    Great skellys! Also waiting for that dio!

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    The skellys are ready:

    @Eki: I liked the SO36 proposal.

    Name:  Skellis small.jpg
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    Will start to work on the dio tomorrow.

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    now you just need to give one a green mohawk and another with spiked hair and you will have a one heck of a skeleton punk group!

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    Is that the start of your forest base? Are you using any "water" product or just painting it to look like water?

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    I'm wondering too. What do you plane to do for the diorama?

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    Yep, it’s the start of the swampy landscape dio I was
    planning to do.
    I will use Varnish to provide the waterly look at the end.
    Some progress tonight:

    Name:  63148E3D-D7DC-49BE-811C-5F25C273E579.jpeg
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    The detail on that base is wonderful although the model itself is also well done. The only part I'm not to sure about it she wheels themselves but that's just personal taste.

    So here's a question: where did you get those leafy plants for the base?

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    @Arammu: The leafy grass was on sale at
    Not sure, what you mean with „wheeling themselves“?

    Worked tonight on further detailing. The water is now varnished.

    Name:  511805AB-C3DD-474B-823E-C3DBDB8667C5.jpeg
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    That's a damn good job. Well I'm with some people who have started a kickstarter to get our minis made and I would love it if we could get some of them professionally painted and a good background like that work of yours to put them on display.

    Here's the link go to the updates page to see the progress on the models.

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    Nice Graishsak, i really like the look of that landscape terrain piece, great work with the water especially.

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    AoP 2019 is done. Bronze position defended!

    Name:  0D2E8443-BED9-4F99-B95B-198CC12D5925.jpeg
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    Swamp terrain - to be finished soon.

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    Awesome! congratulations, very nice looking army there, more then deserved.

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    Congratulations on the win! Did you get any of the certificates for the categories?

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    Rank 2 for painting, both others rank 3
    But this year there were no paper certificates like last year.

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    ah, they gave paper ones out at the GW store near me (and the medals)

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    Great job mate well done! Sadly mine didn't get finished due to problems in life that needed sorting out, at least I've a good head start on next year!

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    Congrats. Way to go in the defense

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