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    Thanks Mike. Feeling flattered :-)

    @AJ: So far I tend to stay with Soulblight and Deathrattle (Vargheists are allocated to soulblight... but the box is showing how to either build those or crypt horrors or flayers - which are part of flesh eaters)
    There are still lots of minis to be painted... Beside the blood knights and Vargheists there are 15 more black knights and >20 death guards...

    The Vargheist is finished (the wings were quite challenging):
    Name:  Vargheist #1.JPG
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    Loaded to the gallery:

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    I think this is a level up. One of your neatest paint jobs.

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    Nice work
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Thanks to Mike and Ten Ball :-)

    Continuing the blood knight challenge...
    @BaM: I hope I didn't mess this one up... as you stated it is one of the most sought ones...

    Name:  IMG_6410.JPG
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    I see a wonderfully painted model. Not saying it isn’t your best what I say to myself is sometimes we feel this way about our own work. The reality is if we feel it’s garbage then no matter how hard we try to like it we will continue to feel it’s garbage. So here’s what we do -let our feelings be aroused by the words of others.
    i like it!!!!

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    Thanks BaM, you really knew about my thoughts;-)

    Yesterday I got notified about „armies on parade in my hometown „.
    So I went to the Home Depot today to buy stuff for a base.
    my spiderfang army will be on parade.

    Name:  F2834CF2-8595-484A-B728-445EA33D6AD2.jpg
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    Will do a picture, once the baseis ready.

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    Awesome dude! I've literally just started my AOP board, really looking forward to seeing yours

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    Board is more or less ready - need to fine tune a bit the earth colors. Will do so as soon as it is no longer stinky ;-)
    The spray glue was kind of disgusting - So it will stay in the cellar for a couple of days in order to get "fresh".

    What do you think? Too crowded? More terrain? Maybe some trees? I got a 2nd doom diver, which could be added, too.

    Name:  IMG_E6442.jpg
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    Another terrain piece in progress for the AOP.
    Name:  126C6ECE-9862-4A07-812D-B098D953C280.jpeg
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    Further progressing.
    Got some old metal spiders, which will be placed on the web.
    Idea is to have the riders passing under the web...

    Name:  AD2FE02A-4A43-4CE5-AD4B-87310E591713.jpeg
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    Nice to see this coming together Graishak. It’ll look superb when done

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    Liking the look of that terrain dude! Original and well executed

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    Name:  36A669A6-E7E2-4362-8488-5EA4DEF98F22.jpeg
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    Another view on it

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    A while ago, I bought some very basic painted spider riders on eBay...
    As the Army on Parade project motivated me to go for the goblins, I've started to rework those...
    Result see below... Maybe I'll go for a small unit and present 5 in this style (still got some brandnew spiders in another box...)
    Name:  Spider Rider Rework.JPG
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    Nice little re-vamp on the spider rider

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    Name:  97180FD7-3038-4DCF-8A05-51D813F58F01.jpeg
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    2/10... rollin rollin...

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    Nice, I love revamping minis, especially when you can see a before and after photo. What's your total model coumt for this army mate?

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    The ones I need to revamp are just 10 riders (bought those a while ago on eBay).
    My whole spiderfang army counts:
    40 Spider riders, 3 heros on gigantula, 2 Arachnaroks, 30 Forest goblins (old metal minis) and 4 doom diver catapults.
    Roughly half of the riders still need to get painting and the 3 doom diver.

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    That's a nice size army dude, I was sort of tempted to do a gobbo army myself 'cos I got loads of painyed up Night goblins, dumbass that is myself decided to paint up half a army for it!

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